Diet Debunked: The Ketogenic Diet


The keto diet has a dark side that only few in the community have the courage to confront and it is all based on the scientific literature.
– Links and Sources – – @micthevegan

My Vegan Diet Is More Paleo Than Your Paleo Diet:

Perlmutter Interview (High Intensity Health):

Paleo Mom’s Warning Page:

Paleo Mom’s Scientific Sources:

Starved Brain on Ketones and Glucose:

Ketogenic Diet Contents:

6.7% of keto children got kidney stones:

Child dies on Keto Diet from Heart Attack and Pancreatitis:

15% of keto children had enlarged hearts study:

Sudden cardiac death is keto diet:

GI disturbances, low blood protein keto diet:

Study with large list of adverse effects, deficiency:

More adverse effects:

Keto blogger with ~300 LDL:

Ketogenic diet and high cholesterol

IDEAL LDL, Loren Cordain

Vegan cholesterol levels:

Vegan Diet Reverses Heart Disease Study:

Higher Cortisol on Keto Diet Study:

Keto equal to other low carb diet in weight loss, adverse effects:

Weight Loss in Obese Adults Keto, 450 cal deficit:

Weight Loss in Obese Adults Vegan, 350 cal deficit:

Keto Controlled Feeding Trial, Less Fat Loss, NIH:

Water weight is regained when the diet ends:

Reduced the desire to exercise on keto:

Perlmutter Ketosis Natural State Claim:

“Eskimo on his usual dietary shows no ketosis…”

“It is known that the mutation decreases…ketogenesis”

Basic info on Yanomami Indians:

Low Carb Diets Increase All Cause Mortality:

Seizures Lowered in Children on Keto Diet:

Ketone Supplements Raise Blood Ketones Levels:

“In the general population, Blinten said a keto diet should only be considered in extreme cases….It can damage the heart”


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