VEGANS vs MEAT EATERS – Who Will Live Longer? Food / Diet Comparison


What are Vegans and what do they really eat? How does a vegan diet compare to a meat eating diet?  Which diet is truly healthier? Join us as we explore the differences between vegans and meat eaters and try to find out who will live longest in this episode: Vegans vs Meat Eaters!


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  1. 😑 So, just being vegan means you’ll live longer? And you’ll be “fitter?” But nothing about exercise, or anything. So, you’re saying that you could never exercise in your life, and still be nutritionized?? Yet, articles suggest exercise can boost your years as well. If you just eat food and no limits, you’re not gonna be well, no matter what you eat. You need balanced fiber, so you can’t eat Too many fiber foods, and apparently, B12 was never intended to be a vitamin for us.

    If you actually exercise, and eat a balanced meal, that’s all you need to live til the fullest, cuz you’re also forgetting that some families NATURALLY have longer lives. It has NOTHING to do with food most of the time. It matters on genetics, and how often you’re active. Ellen is vegan and as much as I love her, she looks sick and needs to eat.

    A longer life also means nothing if you’re miserable. The Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin died very young, but his life was invigorating, exciting to watch, and he was a very enthusiastic man.

    A lot goes into how you can live longer, but most of the time, it has nothing to do with food.

  2. hell no i am not becoming some low level vegan, plus they have nothing to worry about, in the world right no there are 19 BILLION chickens and 1.5 BILLION cows, i mean vegans eat some meat.

  3. Walnuts are a rich source of Omega-3's, and organic plant foods that aren't overly washed and smothered in pesticides contain healthy bacteria along their surfaces that contain B-12

  4. Each person is different. Longevity .and health. Are gene related. If you are prone to disease from genetics you are screwed.
    You can eat perfect. And exercise perfect. And your still gunna die. If you have bad Gene's.
    The Japanese okinawans Have long telomeres they were Destined for Long life no matter what they eat .
    My parents died at age 70
    my grandparents died at age 70
    their grandparents died at age 70
    my uncles died Age 70
    I'm 60 and jeez I wonder at Age I'm gonna die
    Even if I start eating tofu for the next 10 years it's not is gonna add 1 day to my life

    so i will eat steak ice cream and cake or whatever I feel like
    Goog luck to the herbavors.
    I though herbavors. Was slang for pot heads

  5. Why tf people so afraid of vegans that they feel like they have to lash out and say stupid shit like "omg I love chicken" or "I'm eating a bacon sandwich right now HAHAHAHA" ?? What are you afraid of?!

  6. Ok, but where is the focus on eating fish and seafood? A healthy diet should include a dinner consisting of seafood and vegetables at least 4-5 times a week. Chicken or swine is an ok option as well, but red meat should be left for a fancy dinner saturday night or completely avoided. That is a healthy diet. Balance is key. This vegan bullshit is tiring. Sure, avoiding meat has its advantages, but why not just focus on eating fish and prawns as much as possible and balance your meal by eating enough vegetables like broccoli or cauliflower and eating less potatoes and rice?

  7. Our digestive system is almost identical to the great ape who eats only fruits and nuts. We have a long digestive tract. Meat-eaters have very short digestive tracts. Also, if we were meant to eat meat, we would have very long, sharp teeth for killing animals.

  8. the idea that brain growth is caused by meat consumption is absolutely ludicrous. Stupid and insane propaganda by those who want to dumb us down. If you want to say that meat blocks our higher connection to Source energy, infinite intelligence, thereby lowering our ability to receive those higher frequencies, I'll accept that. Then, we have only to use our left-brain thinking, the data-storage-retrieval system that is self-contained and does not connect with Source. We have been dumbed down by abut 90% of our capacity, and perhaps MEAT EATING is the cause of this. There is no way that meat could cause greater intelligence unless you say intelligence is the magnification of the computer function of the brain and the absence of higher frequencies – such as how to create peace, harmony, and bliss.

  9. Meat dumbs us down. Anyone that promotes meat wants us stupid. It slows down our brain functions and taxes our digestion. We are dumbed down by about 90% now. We lose connection to the higher mind, which provides wisdom. See much wisdom out there in the world?

  10. What we eat is destroying both our bodies and the planet, according to author Lierre Keith, a recovering twenty-year vegan…. A grain-based diet is the basis for degenerative diseases we take for granted (diabetes, cancer, heart disease) – diseases of civilization. Annual grain production is destroying topsoil and creating deserts on a planetary scale.

  11. I get this all the time and I just want to clear the air b-12 comes from specific bacteria colonies not from plants or animals the only vitamins that are not found in the plant kingdom is b- 12 and vitamin D … what you get from going outside and not being an anti-social bedroom-hermit 😂 How do you think fish get omega 3 … from eating algae all day. If you cut out the middle man its a lot better, cheaper and doesn’t come with those omega 6s


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