What A Vegan Runner Eats In A Day!! RUNNING 70 MILES A WEEK!


Elton’s Running Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iBUBVpuYDhI

Standard What I Eat In A Day video but, For Athletes and Runners who may be looking to get Faster and Improve their Nutrition.

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  1. Dude cut back on refined sugar, the amount you poured into your bowl i don't consume in a month. Its a shame really because you promote super healthy foods and lifestyle mostly but then just shoot yourself in the knee by promoting such amounts of sugar added to just one meal.
    You say coffee is poison and a drug but really sugar is also, its like alcohol to your liver. You can get all the carbs you need from other more healthy foods with more complex sugars in them.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. You look jaundiced and have dark circles under your eyes. Eat a steak and lay off the sugar and starch. And dont use pics of hot women to bait peeps into clicking on this crap.

  3. I think this is the most disappointed I've ever been in a vegan channel. Here I was looking for some positive vegan running inspiration for my boyfriend who's thinking of going vegan…. that is not what this is. First off holy hell with that sugar, I hope you're not still doing that. Even omnivores know that is super unhealthy. I can't believe you would show yourself doing that on the internet; that you didn't find that embarrassing. The other thing that is majorly bothering me is that you use freelee in your thumbnails for what…. more clicks? Seriously disappointed. My boyfriend is luckily an intelligent guy so I think if he found this on his own he'd right away know it's rubbish but just in case, I'll have to point out your channel as what not to watch for him.


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