Diabetes Foods To Eat What Can I Eat If I Have Diabetes


Diabetes Foods To Eat: What Can I Eat If I Have Diabetes

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If you are like me, when you were first diagnosed with diabetes, everybody knew everything about it and told you what you could or couldn’t eat, right? Most of them had no idea, they were just telling you what they heard from someone who’s brother’s wife’s cousin had diabetes and she said you couldn’t have eat it. Sound familiar?

Well, today I am not going to tell you what foods you should or shouldn’t eat. I am going to give you a guide for making smart choices at the grocery store. I want to walk you through the store today and give you some advice. Advice from someone who had to find out through research and trial and error about good choices for eating with diabetes.

So let’s take a little journey to the local supermarket and get some food for the week, shall we?

The first thing I come to in my grocery store is the cakes and pies. I never understood why we have to eat our food to get to desert, but the desert is the first thing I see at the store. It is often a struggle, but I push past the cakes and pies to reach the fruit.

When thinking about fruit, there is really nothing off the table in regards to fresh fruit. Sure, some are better than others but you don’t really need to cut anything in regards to fruit. I might suggest strawberries, dates and tomatoes. Yes, a tomato is a fruit. If you prefer to put them on your veggie list that is fine too. These are on my Super Food list. If you haven’t seen that video, go give it a look. Really any fresh fruit or berry is a great choice.

Even when you get over to the frozen section, frozen fruit without any additives is a great choice. Even canned fruit can be a good choice if you don’t have a good fresh selection or you need to tighten up the budget this week. Just be sure not to get fruit canned in heavy syrup.

Let’s talk about veggies now. Again, most fresh veggies are in play for you. There are a few we have to be careful with. In the potato family, I suggest sweet potatoes. There are much better than russets. They are also on my Super Food list. Look for leafy green veggies. I would suggest kale (Super Food) and maybe stay away from iceberg lettuce, it is very low in nutrients. But pretty much any leafy green is in play. Fresh or frozen veggies are great for you. Just avoid canned veggies with lots of additives, especially sodium. This is one reason you may want to walk past the pickles.

While here in this area, let’s talk about beans. I am a firm believer in beans being a super food. You pick them, kidney, pinto, green, beans are good, grab a few cans, you’ll thank me later.

The meat aisle is up next. There are a lot of people who will tell you to walk on past the meats. I am not one of them. I believe in a low glycemic load diet and meats have a glycemic load of zero. Which means they have no impact on blood sugar whatsoever.

I guess the reason many want you to stay away from meat is the fat content. Meats are ok. Go with leaner cuts if you want, but get that steak or that ground angus beef and east up. Of course, fish is a great choice, fresh fish is actually one of my super foods. Chicken and turkey are fine as well. Being a person with diabetes does not mean you can’t eat red meat.

That dairy aisle is coming up. Do you like yogurt? Greek yogurt is another one of my super foods and it is fantastic. Get it plain, add your own ingredients. Some of those strawberries we already have and maybe the walnuts up ahead, now that is good stuff.

When it comes to milk, I am fan of 2% and the glycemic load is 4. As far cheese goes, your choice, but I would stay with the hard cheeses personally.

Nuts? I am convinced walnuts are the overall best food for you. I know they are expensive, that’s why when I can find them on sale or buy them in bulk, I will jump at the chance. Stored properly they can last a while. Peanuts (well, they are really legumes), almonds, most any tree nut is fine.

OK, the dreaded bread aisle. Now, I might be the only person on the planet with diabetes to tell you this, but white bread is fine. It’s glycemic load is 10. The glycemic load of whole wheat bread is 9. They are very similar in that they don’t affect your blood sugar as much as others think. If you like white bread, get white bread. Pumpernickel is actually a better choice over whole wheat.

Did we forget anything? Oh, breakfast? EGGS! Eggs are a superfood for sure! Get a dozen and you can have 2 each morning for breakfast. On the 7th day, have brunch. Eggs with a little toast and slab of sausage, maybe even a bowl of oats.



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