What's the Best Sugar Substitute for Keto? Research, Opinions and Recommendations!


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What’s the Best Sugar Substitute for Keto? Research, Opinions and Recommendations!

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Everyone has questions about what the best sugar substitute for keto is. We wanted to get to the bottom of this! We compiled a bunch of research and are sharing our findings with you, as well as letting you in on what sugar substitutes we use regularly.

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  1. Okay. So liquid Splenda is okay but soft drinks that say "sweetened with Splenda" have carbs and calories? Are you saying they use the powdered form of Splenda? How do you know? I'm just trying to understand. I find it confusing. Thank you.

  2. I guess my pre workout was kicking me out of keto, it has sucralose and maltodextrin 😔 I was wondering why I wasn't losing weight. I haven't been able to get passed 10lbs in the 2 weeks that I've been on keto

  3. I hope I can get a response to this comment. Where I live brands like lakanto and all arent available for sugarfree maple syrup. The only one I can find is American Garden's sugarfree maple syrup which has sorbitol and sucralose in it. Is it keto friendly? if yes, how much is safe to consume?

  4. It's insane to me that one artificial sweetener tastes great to some and horrid to others. So far tried Stevia and Erythritol and both are so bitter, I wonder if any of them will be palatable for me. Im also one of those who cant do regular baking powder – only aluminum free – bc so bitter and astringent feeling in my mouth! I must have extra taste buds for bitter!! Looks like sweets are off the table :(((((( thinking of trying monk fruit extract next but after throwing out a 2.5# bag of erythritol i'm hesitant.

  5. Aspartame is pronounced differently in the UK. Ass par ta main…..Great at phonetics here….ha. I am not thrilled with the taste of erythritol . I think it has the cooling sensation and I never use the total amount recommended. When I finish the bag I have now, I'm going to stick to swerve and Monkfruit and stevia.. Thanks guys. Love your videos.

  6. Have you guys ever read the Amazon Q&As for suger free gummy bears? They're Hilarious! Lol I won't be trying maltitol… Ever! I do look forward to liquid monkfruit drops! I've considered buying the powder and adding it to erythritol because lankanto is pricey. I've tried many times to like stevia in coffee but I found more than 1 drop brings the espresso to a new level of bitter, or the "I wish I didn't do that" level lol

  7. Why is it nearly impossible to find any information on saccharine, aka sweet n low?

    Some says inconclusive, some no good, some controversial…causes bladder cancer in rats??? So does MANY other things they fed rats.

    I've bern using sweet n low for decades, years before Keto lifestyle and DON'T have bladder cancer…

    Can someone elaborate on verifiable scientific research that says saccharine is/is not good for Ketogenic diet?


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