Fruits That are Good for Diabetes


Here are 10 best fruits for people with diabetes. Eat these 10 fruits if you have diabetes.

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For years those of us with diabetes were told that fresh fruit had way too much sugar and we shouldn’t eat many of them because of that. Those with diabetes were relegated to grapefruit and that was about it. Now, grapefruit is actually good for diabetes and spoiler alert, it’s on my top 10 list today, but there is a wonderful world of fresh fruit out there just waiting to be placed on your diabetes management plan.

I personally feel all fresh fruit is “in play” for those of us with diabetes, but I also know that some are better than others for us. But in moderation, I think any fresh fruit you want to eat is perfectly fine.
Getting down to 10 was not an easy task, but here is my list of fruits that I think can be eaten at any meal, for any snack and you will gain many benefits by adding them to your diet.

When thinking about the best fruits to eat, pick those that you like. I think choosing fruits that have edible skin is always good because of the dietary fiber they bring with them. But, we must narrow down a selection to 10 and I tried to include a wide variety in this list. Many fruits are “cousins” to the ones I have listed and can also be enjoyed. For example, watermelon and cantaloupe or muskmelon are very close, substitute.


  1. grapefruit is good but be careful and make sure its ok to eat with your meds…l know I have diabetes and they put me on cholstorol ed and I cant have grapefruit while taking it

  2. I subscribed today because I am eating the low carbohydrate high fat lifestyle and have completely stopped taking my diabetes medicine and feel great, plenty of energy all the time and never experience low blood sugar; however, since I began this lifestyle in January 2017, my carbohydrate sensitivity has become a problem for the days I do eat carbs. So, I am checking out various ways of living with type 2 without medicine simply because I love fruit and most fruit is not permissible on the LCHF lifestyle. Thank you for doing these videos, I will continue to watch your channel to see what I can learn.


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