Vegetarian Keto Meal Prep | Keto Vegetarian 5 Day Meal Plan With Cooking Instructions


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Vegetarian Keto Meal Prep | Keto Vegetarian 5 Day Meal Plan With Cooking Instructions

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Vegetarian Keto Meal Prep!! We’ve got an awesome vegetarian keto 5 day meal plan for you. Check out the blog post to get all of the supplemental materials, shopping list, calorie adjustments etc. If this vegetarian plan isn’t for you, check out our other meal preps!!

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  1. thanks for this guy's 🙂 the meal prep was really helpful for me as I've been struggling to get enough calories in eating a (slightly modified) vegan ketogenic diet. there were enough substitution options that this was nice and easy for me!

  2. This is brilliant. I can't wait to try the tofu curry cubes. As a long-time vegetarian new to Keto, I have benefited a lot from your videos. You have a lot of tips or meals that are veg or can be modified and I think that is great. One thing keto has helped me with is to get over my 'fat phobia.' And whether we eat meat or don't eat it, at least we agree healthy fats are good! Oh, and I loved your 'overnight oats' video. That was great!!

  3. Love this meal prep! been searching all over and this is exactly what i needed! Thanks guys! More vegetarian keto meal prep pretty please? oh and what else can I substitute asparagus with for the fritata? im not a fan of the change in pee smell hehehe
    Much love and good vibes, Jill.

  4. Loved this, guys! That tofu looks so good. I'd love to see a fully vegan keto meal prep if y'all ever do one of these again! Thnx for all you do! : )

  5. Love you guys! Followed for awhile, when I was doing Keto. However, recently I switched to VEGAN WOE . I want to combine both. I do love this meal prep, though. Can you do a meal prep for VEGAN KETO WOE

  6. Is there a reason why you didn't include lots of other veggies in your salads….instead of just the greens? They vids that I watched said that most veggies are safe as long as they are consumed at one meal. I ask because there are a lot of vitamins in lettuce as there are in other veggies…just lots of water. I am not saying that they are not healthy….but I would get bored with plain lettuce every day. I like to change it up. So was there a method to your madness?

  7. HI, I'm new to keto and I like this meal prep even though I'm not going veg…just wondering why you choose not to deep fry the nuggets? Just for the fat? or some other reason? Thanks, really liking your channel.

  8. Such a sad looking salad with no other veggies. I'm surprised you didn't use spinach. It's so much better for you than iceberg. You could have easily added tomatoes & cucumber. The nuggets do look yummy, but I'm looking for an alternative to soy. Thanks

  9. I ate some tofu the other day ,and was like ugh,it don't taste right, it must have been in the fridge to long…so I opened up a new one today ,took out one serving,cooked it up,and as I ate it ,same dealio….but ate it anyway it wasn't as bad as when I did the sweet n sour tofu the other day ..but you know what it was, (slaps her forehead) I forgot to press the tofu!!! duhhhhhh!!! makes a big difference, dur lol

  10. What are your names? I'm thinking you rarely say, since I can't recall them, lol. But I am wondering, now that you know <insert name of female in video here> is allergic to almonds, do you think coconut flour will work well as a substitute? My husband is also sensitive to tree nuts and I saw in a recent video that you have had to cut back on them in your home. I know the feels!

  11. Thank you will try your recipes, I'm a vegetarian since I was born and I love carbs a lot. If people think vegetarian always skinny, they are wrong. I always in overweight size, getting old I got obese. And I gave up diet until my doctor told me I'm on the border to get diabetes. I heard about the ketogenic diet, never thought can be vegetarian. So, now I'm looking about vegetarian ketogenic diet. Thank you again

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