7 Day Cabbage Soup Diet Results | Before & After Pictures | Weightloss Journey


7 day cabbage soup diet results

W E I G H T  L O S S  S T A T S
Heaviest Weight: 271.0 (7.30.16)
Starting Weight: 249.2 (11.25.16)
Current Weight: 232.2(2.3.17)

🔒1GW: 230
🔒Ultimate Weight:180🎉🎊

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  1. My mom did this detox. She was in good health but obese. She alternated the cabbage soup diet for one week then lean cuisines the next week and took multivitamins.she did that for about 2 months and went from a size 20 to a size 14. Your mind has to be in it in order for it to work and after you HAVE to maintain a healthy lifestyle or the weight WILL come back. I'm currently on day 2 and I'm all in! I'm doing this🙌🏾

  2. While it's lovely that so many people want to support this girl in her efforts to lose weight, her video illustrates pretty much EVERYTHING NOT TO DO if you're starting a diet. After only 72 hrs I don't see how anybody could do a proper review of ANY diet, not just this one. No exercise at all, also pretty much guarantees you won't get any wt loss. I want to also let ppl know, the "Cabbage Soup" diet she did is actually not the original diet. I don't know where that "Eat only bananas Day One, etc" nonsense came from but the actual diet is very healthy, filling and nutritious. I did it years ago in 2008 and lost 27 pounds in 7 wks. While it wasn't without challenges, I certainly didn't ever feel "weak" or depleted; in fact, just the opposite! For people concerned the diet may not supply sufficient nutrients, just take a good quality multi-vitamin each day + a calcium supplement. It's not rocket science. So that you can experience the ACTUAL, legit Cabbage Soup Diet, Google "Good Housekeeping Magazine Cabbage Soup Diet" and you'll get the real thing. Here's the link to it but YouTube often redacts links, so just Google it if you don't see the link here: https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/health/diet-nutrition/advice/a22250/amazing-soup-diet-1007/ It's healthy, it's inexpensive ( WAY, way cheaper than South Beach/Wheat Belly Diet/Metabolic Renewal, etc etc and it WORKS. Hoping this helps someone out there struggling with weight loss. As a postscript, GH mag also did a "Gourmet Chef Cabbage Soup Diet" update, with soup recipes for this diet by Chefs like Lidia Bastianich, Emeril Lagasse, Ming Tsai and more. It's amazing & it's my go-to when I need to drop some lbs. Cheers~! 🙂

  3. –Postscript to my prior comment: The diet as the girl in the above video is doing is VERY unhealthy, will cause you to lose mostly water weight & likely will mess up your electrolyte balance, which is why people complain of weakness or dizziness after a few days on the nonsense "Eat only tomatoes today, etc" ( <-example, not meant to be literal) guidelines. THIS IS NOT THE REAL CABBAGE SOUP DIET. The REAL Cabbage Soup Diet can be found on Good Housekeeping magazine archives. It's delish, it's healthy and it works like a champ AND you can be on it longer than a week. I know people are hardheaded and they'll go ahead and try to do the silly diet as explained by the girl in the video & elsewhere on the 'net. You'll lose weight but I guarantee you, you'll put it right back on when you stop starving yourself. The diet as she explains it IS a starvation diet. I'm an RN with 31 years' experience; I wouldn't recommend any diet I hadn't tried or didn't know was completely safe to do. Here's the link to the REAL diet, plus another link to the updated version where Celebrity Chefs create their own versions of Cabbage Soup that are absolutely yummy, have things like pasta, parmesan cheese, chili, turkey kielbasa, egg noodles and more. The diet is NOT expensive to do at all; I saw zero difference in my weekly grocery bill than I normally have. As for people here complaining about having to cook, do you not cook your non-diet meals?? It takes a grand total of maybe 20 mins to cut up all the veg needed. The add-ins by the Celebrity Chefs add maybe another 6 to 8 mins to do. Bam~! You should get at least 4 suppers out of the Basic Soup Recipe, possibly more depending on the kind of canned tomatoes you use. I know what it is to battle weight and am grateful to have a common sense, realistic & do-able method to help me. I'm alarmed that anyone would actually do the fake Cabbage Soup diet, which is wildly unhealthy. Here are the links for anyone who wants to take a peek—check it out–you'll be pleasantly surprised: https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/health/diet-nutrition/advice/a22250/amazing-soup-diet-1007/ and the Celeb Chef version: https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/health/diet-nutrition/advice/a12416/third-annual-soup-diet-0302/ Best Wishes with your weight loss efforts~!

  4. My 9yr old son who only eats puree due to health issues really really loves cabbage soup that my mom makes with chicken added. Didn't realize it was a diet food. My son lost 5 pounds in 3 days. He keeps losing. The doctor is happy with the results cuz they kept saying hes obese but to me he isn't, just a thick skinned tall boy. He lost his double chin and back rolls within 2 weeks lol.

  5. OMG… This was by far the worst diet review video I have ever seen. Please don't post anything ever ever again because you are obviously super dumb… you know I mean like you guys you know like I mean like I didn't quite do the like the diet but I mean like if you just know what I'm saying right now like I could probably like tell you that I did some stuff on this here diet but I really feel like you know like I mean like that maybe like if I would have done like something different like or had not done something different like that maybe lack something like this might have happened but I'm not sure like what do you guys think like like okay like well maybe like if like I had some sort of other way like to get this done like…. Omg please shoot me…

  6. This was annoying. She just rambled. I lost interest 15 seconds in. Get to the point already. Gonna be trying this soup but I won’t be posting a boring video. Check out some of the others. They are quit good.


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