3 Ways to Get Into Ketosis. #3 is Easiest and Fastest.


The Fasting Mimicking Diet is the easiest and fastest way to get into ketosis. The top three ways are revealed here to determine which is best for you.
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-Dr. Schmidt

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  1. Fantastic method three!

    I am an absolute beginner and have never done any fasting or Keto in life. I want to lose belly fat so finally tried the two Avocado and green drink method. I started last Saturday morning and by Sunday the keto strips were showing some small change but nothing obvious. I kind of estimated Monday AM to show better and WOLLAH!!! Monday AM the test strip changed color in a few seconds and I was in Ketosis big time!!! So happy and went back to keto diet since Monday morning and Tuesday tests are same as Monday and I am losing weight fast.

    Thanks a million to Dr Schmidt!

  2. Hi Dr. I would like to try the fasting mimicking diet . But I don't want to lose weight while training. so I was thinking of increasing the avocado intake to compensate for calorie loss .how many avos are to many ?any thoughts. would greatly appreciate your input. thanks

  3. Explain point number 3 please. U said “am-1 avocado plus green drink…..and at PM same 1 avo and green drink.” Explain am and pm….is it 16 hours apart? Like in intermitent fasting?

  4. Regardless of method, I find the electrolytes are my issue, keeping them up and avoiding dizziness. Yes, upping Him salt works, but for me it is more Potassium. A long-time Keto body builder told me, a 1/2 tsp of No Salt (potassium citrate) in water, and it seems to work, as I don't want to supplement really with say 100mg tablet of Potassium – do you think potassium citrate is ok to use? or? Cuz it works pronto…truly, can be feeling dizzy and boom, gone. Thanks Dr. Schmidt 🙂

  5. I eat only hamburger and/or steaks
    (maybe a few eggs = each day. did that for 30 days, lost 30 lbs.)
    Did it for 4 months and lost 40 lbs the second time, years later.
    Freaked out over ammonia breath – but my doctor said it was ketosis.
    I thought I was in liver and kidney failure!!

  6. Thanks so much Doc. I had a stress-induced physical & nervous breakdown about 5 yrs ago and have been feeling similar indicators recently. I'm sure thankful to have found your channel at the right time for obvious reasons 🙂

  7. The absolute fastest is probably exercise induced ketosis. There is no way you can wake up after fasting overnight and go on a fifty mile bicycle ride with the local club and not be in ketosis. Please go back to all your videos and add update notes to correct the references that have protein equaling carbs. thanks.

  8. So regarding green drinks and avocado 5 day fast mimicker. My green drinks consist of kale, spinach, blueberries and just about 3-4 strawberries. Is this ok?

  9. Didnt believe in method three but I bought the drink had it and an avocado twice yesterday and I am in the darkest keto level on the strips today. It does not taste good but power through and its worth it

  10. I love you! I feel so much better. Thank you so much. What can I do to help you? I have been eating fat and steak for just a few days and I finally feel normal again. I have been eating low fat since I was a teenager. I have had severe depression and I also thought B vitamins (and cardio) helped me with depression so I was floored when you said that cause no one ever listens to me when I say that it seems.

    I am eating red meat daily now. I bought myself a table top George Foreman grill for steak and I melted butter and poured it over. My dog thanks you too (i only give her plain organic steak).

    I also was dragging myself around, tired, crabby, heart palps, always hungry and sugar carb addicted. I had the bone broth (I added spinach to it). I'm also eating eggs, butter, coconut oil, olives, nuts, avocados, steak, spinach, nut butter. I'm trying not to eat sugar and carbs. I'm actually singing instead of bitching like usual. I feel calm instead of racing around frantic like I have been my whole adult life. I feel so much stronger too.

    I was thinking of doing a bone broth with clam juice and butter and maybe some mild oil that would be good in there? What do you think about that?

    Topics I would like to hear you speak about if you ever get a chance are: coffee, sciatica, TMJ (my jaw hurts a lot) though I think it's posture and lack of muscle. When I kick box or do squats it seems to help a bit. I sit at a computer day and night mostly. I probably need to have all my dental work removed too. I have shoulder tension forever now and I used to have left hip pain which I decided is likely sciatica since it improves when I sit correctly.


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