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Andy Richardson and brother Paul have a combined weight of half a tonne! Andy, weighing an enormous 42.5 stone, undergoes weight-loss surgery. He is now less than half the man he was.
Julie Festusy, with a BMI of 70, is super morbidly obese. Carrying the excess weight has taken its toll on Julie’s body. She urgently needs a knee replacement but for this operation, she’s been told she’ll need to lose 70% of her weight. A gastric bypass performed by Dr Shaw Somers is her only hope. She’s also desperate to get back to Tanzania to see her husband, but at her current weight, she’s unable to fit in an airplane seat. If she doesn’t have the procedure she’ll end up in a wheelchair for the rest of her life.

Fat Doctor goes on a remarkable journey following the patients of three of Britain’s most sought after weight loss surgeons. It focuses on the obese patients who undergo the operations and discovers why they became obese and the impact life-changing and often life-saving weight loss surgery has on their lives. We find out what their lives are like now and how this has affected their physical, social and psychological lives.

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  1. This makes me feel bad about myself i am 120 pounds 5'2 I feel so over weight I only wear sweatshirts Beacuse I look fat with every shirt i wear I deal with a eating disorder since I lost 60 pounds I have tried to stick with a diet but my mind always tells me I'm eating to much or i am fat and I will never do it which always results me to puking my food out binging or starving myself i am still currently trying to loose the weight hoping this will help and fix my mind I hate looking in the mirror each day even wearing s simple t shirt triggers me to hate my body and myself I keep telling myself to run each day to eat normally its so hard so i have a idea of what these people go through if they deal with a eating disorder that is a tiring and horrible mental disorder
    I have been dealing with this for 2 years now I want to be happier again and to get out of this horrible cycle to love myself and my body I feel i have no self worth anymore
    I want to get out of this to be happier
    I think of how fat i am 24/7 even when i don't want it to be brought it up
    I guess this was just to jot down my thoughts. And say even really obese people could be going through eating disorders and people with eating disorders need to get help mentally before they try and loose any weight unless they are super dangeriously obese.

  2. Is there a legit reason as to why the doctors operating surgery at times aren’t even wearing surgical masks?! Maybe I’m completely missing something. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  3. Julie um hello, he married u for a green card, r u blind or r u just stupid
    Look at him now look at u
    Do u really think he loves u
    I think not, u mark my words when u get him to England he will leave u as fast as he can
    What a dummy you are all I can do is shake my head at your stupidity, and by the way how much money do you have to send him every month oh, and it's you that's going to pay his way to England right it's you that will pay his way out of Africa oh, she has scammed you and you were stupid enough to fall for it

  4. I hope obese people will move to a new address ALONE AND NOT WITH YOUR MUM AND with only their cats or dogs and clean up/cut off contacts with everyone who were jealous of them in any way or who had abused them in the past, AND NEVER INVITE OR LET THE PEOPLE WHO ENVIED THEM OR "secretly abused them" inside their new home. Cats, dogs, animals, plants, and insects are more valuable than narcissists/sociopaths who gossip/stab behind people's backs, give emotional pain, and try ruin everything secretly. Imagine why some people would choose occupations to see other people, OR CHILDREN in pain and suffer EVERYDAY.

  5. I know that these people are happy to just be lighter but they really need to educate them on weight resistance exercise because they tend to look sick with just losing fat and not toning or firming to go with the weight loss. IMHO


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