Best Natural Deodorants That Work | Natural Deodorant Review + Comparisons | Non Aluminum + Vegan


Looking for an effective 100% natural Deodorants with Reviews, I got you. All three deodorants are 100% natural and or Organic with no aluminum, no parabens or no toxic harsh ingredients and the best part is they actually work. Also baking soda free options for those with sensitive skin.


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  1. This was working beautifully (primal pit paste) for me and then after my daughter was born my pits became sensitive to baking soda and essential oils. I also got the Schmidts deodorant at my marshalls too for 399, I will be doing a pit detox to see if it will work for me! my son loves the coconut lime scent and the thyme and lemongrass, and I like the thyme blend and the lavender.. I started changing over my deodorant and soaps when I first got pregnant, also converting my sisters because fibroids run in the family.. Love your video!

  2. I so am getting the primal pit paste for my daughter and the rest of my family. Going to do the stick due to her being 9. I have a place local that sells its. I got to get the clay to do the detox for my family. Love your video. I'm so excited to have won. Have a great day.

  3. I just transitioned in the last two months. I have the Schmidt's Deodorant Stick & the Primal Pit Paste Jar in Orange Creamsicle. My pits have been a lil funky at times but I learned I need to detox (Thanks Zuzu) & they've turned black so I think I have to try one without baking soda since both of the deodorants have very similar ingredients.

  4. I'm going to try the pit one! Love love love the smell of patchouli. Thank you for saying which ones are vegan. I tried the crystal one. It's just ok. It last until the end of the day but then it's ova! Lol I'm in south Florida and summer is coming!

  5. I have tried tons and tons of natural deodorants to no avail. I haven't done a detox yet, I'll be doing that in a few days. My armpits can be stinky and I live in Texas where we have hot summers. I've tried the three you mentioned and primal pit paste unscented works the best for me. If I'm not using that, sometimes I'll use the Crystal roll on deodorant or the Lafes unscented roll on. I tried LaVanilla and I love the scent, but scents make me smell even more so I stick with unscented. I ordered a brand called Native which I'm going to try out, but for now Primal Pit Paste is the one for me. Thanks for doing this video.

  6. Yess I did the pit detox and I am so pleased with the results. My pits are so smooth, I just love feeling my pits. It was truly wonderful, thank you so much. I plan on doing the detox at least once a month. Lavanilla is 💖😍❤️, I think it is my holy grail. I use primal pit paste as well and they worked pretty well for me. However I find that some of the scents work and other just irritate my pits. I bought the sample pack with their different scents and a few were irritating me. It could be that I needed to do a detox. But now I know.

  7. I'm sure I've already mentioned this before, I love using that Nubian Heritage coconut and papaya. it keeps my pits sweet conditioned. at first it burnt my pits, so I went on their fb to ask them what I should do, someone else beat me to it, they said to try detoxing your pits first before applying, I did a whole body detox and up'd the green tea and Apple cider vinegar and kept using it and now I don't have any problems. I tried the Tom's tea tree but it just didn't do it for me, I smelt funky.

  8. Nice video. I also really liked the Lavinilla, one of my favorites. Really like the Shmidts, Native, and Primal Paste, they are great for the summer hot temps . However I can't wear them all the time because the baking soda will give me a rash with continual use. So I use the Nubian Heritage Honey black seed deodorant because its fantastic for sensitive pits takes care of any pit oder and gives the pits a break from the baking soda.


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