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-900g of mixed frozen berries
-180g of Protein Powder
-1.2L of Soy Milk (or alternative)
-240g of rolled oats
-30g of Chia seeds

– 900g of organic Tofu
– 450g frozen spinach
– 750g carrots
– 600g Red Peppers
– 600g Onion

– 1,200g Sweet potatoes
– 1,200g Broccoli
– 150g non added sugar Salsa
– 105g Hummus
– 1050g cooked lentils



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– Jon Venus

The Quest For Fitness


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    The full recipe list is in the description box if you wanna try this out 🙂

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  7. Really? People want to look like Arnold? Damn, to me is super wierd wanting to be a hulk. I get it if you're an olimpic lifter , but otherwise, I find it a little… Too much… Let's put it that way


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