119 pounds lost in 4 months on keto. Weight loss update #3


The 3rd episode in my weekly weight loss series… this one falls on the 4 month point in the diet. Another good week with 4 pounds lost. Follow my journey and get more keto tips on instagram:



  1. I am a tall women plus size woman (over 6ft). This is inspiring. I am on day 10 of Keto. I hope that I am as successful as you. Taking things one day at a time. Being realistic in my journey and weight loss. Your results are not typical, but absolutely amazing…you are a rock star at weight loss.
    Thanks for sharing your status! 😊😊😊

  2. Did you start off losing fast? I've been on Keto for a week and haven't lost a pound yet. The strips says I'm on ketosis, I think I'm waiting on the whoosh. Any tips?

  3. Brother you are doing really good just stick to the keto as much you can you will slim , if you want more info check Dr Eric Berg i lost 25 pounds in month and half ,Good luck from Canada.

  4. You have truly encourage me and inspired me a hundred and nineteen lb in 4 months amazing my goal is to lose 200 in 6 months I believe and I'm going to achieve and speaking into the atmosphere thank you

  5. Wow amazing news. I also would love to loose weight 102kg I have not been below this in almost 10 yrs. My goal is to loose 20kgs. I'll give this a go. But honest well done wow.


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