Vegan Diet Mistakes to Avoid: Vegan Diet for Beginners


The vegan diet and vegan lifestyle comes with some pretty cool health benefits (and weight loss benefits) and today I’ll be sharing 4 diet mistakes you want to avoid when going vegan. These are very common mistakes that newbie vegans make, so definitely take notes if you want to gain all the benefits of going vegan and make the overall experience lots of fun too.
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  1. Lol not getting enough protein? Studies show that vegans actually have higher levels of blood protein than omnivorous, on average. I get up to 80 grams of protein a day (twice as much as I need). Oatmeal, soups, snacks, tofu w/rice and veggies. Everyday surpassing my protein requirement, not even trying.

  2. Watched Earthlings 5.5 years ago, cold turkey vegan the following day, even preferring to eat the same meal over and over when I couldn't find vegan foods (easier nowadays). I just wish I'd watched Earthlings 30+ years earlier. Also vegan recipes / foods are soooo delicious 🙂

  3. I went vegan cold turkey on 1/1/18. Wish I had seen this first. Having some issues but I'm trying to thru them. Benefits are great! Thanks for the video. I'm now a subscriber!

  4. What turnt me vegan was after I ate a homemade vegan burger I made. OMG, when I tell you that burger tasted a million times better than any other burger made of meat, I was hooked & amazed 😂 I was in heaven 😂. Also I don't eat dairy anyways, so that was easy already. I've always loved vegetables though! 💗 so my transition was easy!


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