Bodybuilder – What happened to me after 4 months of being vegan?!


So now that I’ve been vegan for over four months I wanted to share with everyone what has changed in my life and how being vegan has effected me.

My main reason for switching to a plant based diet and vegan lifestyle was an experiment to see how my body reacted, but after making the switch the reasons changed and now I do it for my health, for ethical reasons, for the environment and for myself.

I’ve maintained all my muscle (have been eating at a calorie deficit to shred) and strength which is more than I can say for when I was a meat eater on a cut. I attribute this to the higher amounts of carbs and less protein intake. Carbs are used as a primary fuel source and better utilised for energy.

My bank account is thanking me as my weekly food bill is significantly lower. My hair and nails are growing like crazy. My skin is clear and I feel overall more healthy.

I feel better for the choices I am making and don’t see myself turning back to an omnivorous diet.

As mentioned in the video, if you are vegan – what did you notice changed for you? If you aren’t vegan why don’t you want to/haven’t you gone vegan? I’m interested to hear feedback from anyone.

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  1. Are you familiar with clarence0? He went vegan a year ago, and he has been making steady progress too. I believe he's the strongest dude on YouTube at his bodyweight. He went vegan for ethical reasons too and didn't have any setbacks in his training.

    Anyway, it's great that you went vegan. We need more shredded vegans!

  2. I've had a lot of changes since going vegan. My ulcerative colitis has been in remission without meds; it used to completely control my life. IBS has quieted down; my mild chronic depression is gone; chronic joint pain is gone; lost 70 pounds and got lots of energy. Acne is almost completely gone too, and had been plaguing me for almost 15 years. I'm vegan for the animals of course, but now, if I had the choice to eat ethical lab-grown meat, I don't think I would, having experienced the benefits of a 100% plant based diet. Nothing treats the body better than a healthy vegan diet.

  3. Awesome stuff man! I've experienced so many benefits going vegan (from eating lots of meat in the past) so I find this extremely relatable. Totally share your views abt how we shouldn't think we're morally superior to others just cuz we're vegan (which a lot vegans seem to think unfortunately) And of course, stunning physique! Subscribed💪

  4. Good video!
    I've been vegan for about half a year and I train almost every morning at 4:30.
    Since going vegan, I have so much for energy, endurance, I am less angry, I have more patience, I'm more focused on what I eat and I've been able to organize my life so much better. My favorite change has been in my sleep. I sleep better, I wake up refresh and I don't have that need to snooze for an hour

  5. Great, Video, so, Proud of You, I am sure your Mom and Sister are, how long have they been Vegan, I am a 7 year Vegan Lady, I went Vegan in March 2012, when my Cholesterol pill had me Crippled and Walking with a Cane, I took myself off that Poison pill, have a Loving, Wednesday night, sincerely, Diana Lipski 💕, I am sharing, you with my Younger Son 👍


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