How I Slim Down My Huge Calves in 3 Weeks – Get Slim Calves Fast!


Some ladies are not fat, but their calves look like “elephant legs” or men’s muscular legs.The calf muscle is definitely a worry to many beauty-craving ladies but is there a way to speedily slim the calf? When I was young I liked to jog and this made my calves appear muscular.When summer comes, everybody takes out her mini skirts and short pants! At this time it is quite embarrassing to expose one’s muscular calves. Today I would like to share with you some effective ways I have used to slim my calves. You can choose any one of the method mentioned later. Today’s leg muscle slimming exercise will help to succeed in reducing your leg muscle and give you slimmer legs. Lets watch my video and learn how to get slim calves Fast! will teach you how to make your calves smaller. Burn Your calves easily. Best Workout for Sexy and Slim Calves! Slim down your calves and thighs in 3 weeks! Slim down calf easily with me! Lets see your body transformation and share with me. Get sexy legs in 3 weeks!

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  1. All these actually increase the size of your calf. The only thing you need is walking, use the cross trainer for half an hour each day, do leg presses, and cycling.. If you have big calves you need fo slim them down first then give them a good shape.. No one wants soggy calves 🙄

  2. i got big calves when i was in highshcool because i just walk from home-school vice versa.
    since then, i never wore shorts/skirts when i go outside because of my calves 💔

  3. What in the heck of video is this??? People wanting smaller calfs???? GURL I'm trying to grow them out, don't want no straw looking legs, shoo I think they're the best part of the leg like dang. I feel offended calling them "elephant" legs when they're so sexy. I guess we'll never be happy with what we got.

    Funny enough you're still exercising them I think that will do the opposite of slimming them.. probably the best would be to not exercise at all, that's how I got my straw looking calfs. But heck get you a person that loves you no matter skinny or muscular.

  4. Anybody tried the Clegenatur Methods (just google search it)? I have heard numerous awesome things about it. many people have bigger and firmer breast naturally with it.

  5. Tiptoe – this actually makes your legs more muscular. You use your calves a lot more causing them to gain more muscle, kinda common sense. I don’t tiptoe anyway cause I have really bad cramp lately, wake up with my leg locked in place and have a lot of pain. I have drank a lot of hot water because your body absorbs it a lot better and it’s better for you. I don’t know wether it’s because it’s really sunny & I’m dehydrated or I might need to see a doctor. Is there any advise on how to sort this out?

  6. I broke my leg once and after 2 months one leg was like famished the other one was normal haha. I actually love skinny legs. Just don’t walk and eat bare minimum. Don’t starve but don’t over eat.

  7. I'm reading the comments and see a bunch like "why would you do this?" and "I like muscular legs I wouldn't do this.' and I'm just over here like, I don't give a care what you like, its my body, have you done it? does it work?

  8. OMG!!! I AM NOT KIDDDING GUYS!!! I'm already done with 2nd day doing this and dew other exercises and wow, I can see my calves getting slimmer but imma keep doing it to see major results!


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