LOSE WEIGHT – 5 Ways to Get FASTER Results


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Here is A LOT of information for you guys to help you optimally lose weight and get results faster!!! Utilize these 5 concepts to maximize the effectiveness of the weight loss process. Stop wasting your time and do it the right way. Shred pounds off your body like never before!!

Be in a Caloric Deficit – 0:45
Eat More Protein – 2:21
Increase Cardio & Overall Endurance – 3:17
Drink More Water – 4:28
Reduce Sodium Intake – 5:18

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  1. Your videos really should be getting way more views. They are so helpful and you guys cover so many different topics to help all kinds of people. Well deserve 100k subs, you deserve over 1 million though!

  2. anabolic aliens can you make video how to get back from injury? i broke my clavicle bone and one side is weak and out of shape. what can i do after injury to get both sides again simular strong?

  3. Man protein along with garcinia was a life saver during my cut last year and the one I am starting now and yes drinking water is so important. Great content as always

  4. I have the hardest time staying positive because of how much my weight fluctuates daily. I know for me, it's hormonal, it's sodium intake, it's my body wanting to be at a certain weight/fat %, blah blah blah….. I can eat super clean, keeping my calories at a constant for two weeks and I'll lose 5 pounds. But the minute I decide to eat something "bad", or go out and drink, all those pounds seem to come back instantly. I took up running in 2009 and it's great for weight loss, but I live in Arizona and it's hot as Hell right now so I can't really do that. I hate cardio at the gym, so I do my little jumping rope or burpees or whatever between weight sets. What are your thoughts on this type of active rest between sets through cardio vs. traditional treadmill type cardio? Am I wasting my time?

  5. A great way to track that deficit is with a App called "Lose it!" It's free, and way better than Fit buddy or whatever. I went from 218 to 185 using it. It makes it real easy to track calories, Figures out what you eat day to day, and has a Bar-code reader for packages too. I know another Former Wrestler in Minnesota who can't workout and he lost over 90 Lbs. just using Lose It to keep track of things.


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