2 month Before and After Switching from High Fat to High Carb Vegan


It’s been 2 months since I switched from my high fat, low carb diet, to a high carb low fat vegan diet. What have I noticed change? Have I gained fat? Am I gaining muscle? Have I noticed any symptoms or benefits changing my diet? Have I lost weight or cleared my skin? Well, find out 😉

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  1. High carb is sustainable for me ONLY if consistently having fasting times and an high consumption of legumes and just few fruits possibly eaten after the fasting. I suppose the high carb vs high fat is a false problem as long as you eat vegetables and stop eating every hour. Nuts are a great food and necessary to sustain the hard workouts, no matter how many carbs I have the good fats have not to be too low or I get exhausted.. I too have a kind of fragility on the left side, mucus in the eye, in the ear, and the left shoulder is painful. It is the colon or the stomach, it was terrible when I was a meat eater but mucus got much worse when eating a lot of fruits, it can be because of fructose or maybe today's fruits are too sugary (for my taste they are)

  2. Have you checked out dr john bergman? He is like the only one talking about the nerves. The nerves contorl everything in your body and can cause many illnesses so yes it control your digestive system aswell.

  3. I do high carb with 20-22 hour daily fasting, but I get a lot of my carbs from lentils, potatoes, and grains. I do eat a lot of fruit too, usually that's my kickoff meal in my window.

  4. +Vegetable Police Everything that you have described on higher fat and higher carb, I have observed in myself, from the hair oils and dandruff to the acne, to the amazing workouts and gains on hc but also sometimes less mental energy. Everything you say carries over. Maybe we have the same genetics? Maybe you are a long lost cousin?!?

  5. You are doing so much for people. You should definitely write a book if you haven't already. Making sure that all this information gets put in writing in one place. All this experimentation and documentation must be preserved for science.

  6. I think I know why you're sluggish down there first I didn't know what you meant by down there. The truth is when you're under stress even good stress joyful stress like when your girlfriend is with you your system goes into sympathetic nervous system. Fight or flight in a good way you're on guard.That is why people can't go when they're on vacation. The last thing your body wants to do when it's ready for fight or flight is have to go to the bathroom. Apparently you're not comfortable enough together, and maybe that's a good thing , hat you can let it all hang out, so to speak. To coin a very old phrase from the 60s

  7. Wait a minute you can't say you're less hydrated maybe you're not retaining water because remember water is a buffer for acidosis so water retention is not necessarily hydration. it's just trying to protect the body from acid.

  8. It took me years to figure out what was making my skin look like the sidewalk. It was so frustrating!!!! You could see all the blemishes and marks on my face. (Cringe at my old FB profile). Health junk and too much nuts definitely contributed to it. Ugh. So glad to have figured it out. And without putting any products on my face, not even from the health food store or food doop. I really enjoy your videos. :)K

  9. I appreciate your honest search for an optimal diet. Most people have a hypothesis and they just build everything around proving it. I like hearing what works and what doesn't for you because it's more real and helpful. I think the answer to your main problem though would actually be fmt. I hope that becomes much more accessible soon, because I have chronic gut problems too.

  10. Every time I changed my diet or got stressed, my hair fell out, but regrew. This also happened whenever I changed thyroid medication or went off it. The thyroid levels affect hair growth. But now my hair has been growing really fast.

  11. I love these old vids man. Keeping tabs on so many symptoms is hard work. Been there and I applaud you. And the carbs added a lot of water weight. I'm thinking the lectins in certain foods you were eating here were irritating the gut lining. Rice would make me break out right on my eyebrow bone and cheeks. It's apparently read in the body as gluten and it slows the thyroid. The acne showing in the area around the mouth tells me it's an area of the colon closer to the rectum. The dry heels were happening with me too and it went away when I added fat and regular exercise in the sunlight of Georgia.


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