We Lost 22% Of Body Fat In 6 Weeks


“Are You Crazy? I’m not eating cookies.”

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  1. im a big guy 191 pounds and im 5'3 diet was really hard but i got thin diet and exercise my waist line was 36 after that it went down to 29 inches.they thought i was on drugs , id fast the entire day just water, then id go biking 50 kl. that would be my cardio, when i got home id left weights for an hr. then cool down at the neighborhood pool few laps.then eat fruits with plain crackers.thats how i lost weight in a month i lost 41 lbs.

  2. If you want to lose weight, gain weight or balance your nutrition, DM me and ask me how!!! I can guide you to herbalife products and a lifestyle where you will see results not only in your body but in your mind as well!!!

  3. I really wish we could see the workout plan they had cuz I would totally do it! I can workout but I need to know what I should be doing to get results without paying a ton of money

  4. The brain has a system for managing body fat built in. If you drop below its setpoint you go into starvation mode and eat until you gain it back. This usually makes you even fatter than you were before. You can read it in the book "Why Diets Make Us Fat: The Unintended Consequences of Our Obsession With Weight Loss" by Sandra Aamodt PhD.

  5. All the obese motherfuckers in the comments making excuses, what’s stopping you to do this? What arbitrary factor are you going to blame? Plenty of people have proven that weight loss is possible. If you lack the discipline to do this that’s your mistake and you will pay the price for it

  6. Im on my weightloss journey right now. People have said that i look like i have lost more than 20 pounds but no 😂😂 not even 10 pounds. Then i realized how important to build up muscles in your body. I lost 30 pounds before by starving myself and killing my muscles. Then i gained back. Im working really hard to build those up again. Even though the number on the scale is dropping really slow, but my body has changed so much.

  7. Pretty sure the Asian girl shaded in her abs. Like the color looks off and in this clip 9:37 you can tell the shadowing isn’t quite right. Like it’s always the same even though she’s moving around!


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