My Health Benefits After Becoming Vegan


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  1. During sport bloodpressure rises, afterwards it can drop to a lower value then you had before sporting.
    Did/ Do you check your bloodpressure still regularly without sporting a couple of hours before?

  2. Thank you for sharing, if you track your progress, please share that too. I have thought about it my whole life, but always been weak and liked meat too much , eggs, poultry, milk etc…I am 59, overweight, low enegy, diabetic, asthma. i just watched a video by Eric dubay on ebay called off topic, the truth about meat and dairy. I am now ready, no more meat milk eggs, animal or animal stuff for me anymore. i already juice and eat my veg raw but now i am stopping all the animal related foods, going to buy a blender to make nut milk and look for some recipes to make food to replace what i am giving up. Thanks for being there. Would also be grateful if you can share any of your body building healthy recipes, i am going to start working out too.

  3. This is my second day on the vegan track, something very strange happened to me this morning, when i woke up, i looked at the time, i rolled over to go back to sleep (it was 7.30 am ) and something was wrong, i was supposed to be exhausted, needing to rest after an exhausting sleep but i couldn't, i tried but i had too much energy, i went to work, i am a teacher, my energy was blasting me through the roof, what a crazy lesson it was today, jumping and yelling with the kinder garteners normally i move extremely slowly as i am heavy, weak and have no strength or energy, i finished the lesson and in a couple hours i was back home, ready to crash from extreme exhaustion onto my bed, but i still couldn't normally i can't think, my head is heavy, can't remember, can't do anything, just sleep, i can only function for an hour or two before crashing but it is 3 pm now and i soaring with the eagles, this is terrible, i am getting too much done, must stop this, thank you for your video, i am going to quit being vegan now too and go back to a normal lifestyle, thank you for saving me from making this terrible mistake, now i am going to prepare a lunch of beef, eggs, milk and cheese if not for you i could have also wasted 17 years in a state of life and health, strength and energy, thank you so much.
    Sincerely, your newest subscriber

  4. Hm very interesting. This might be the reason I actually do go ahead and try it. I'm pre hypertensive according to my blood pressure numbers in the doctor's office. I was told it's probably higher because I do get very anxious in the doctor's office, but if it's due to anxiety wouldn't my heart rate be higher than normal as well? My BP in the doctor's office has been as high as 140/80 and as low as 130/75. My heart is in the 70s when they check it and the 70s is pretty much as low as my heart rate goes. So I found it odd that my heart rate was at a normal resting heart rate but my blood pressure was higher than it should be. No doctor has showed any concern about my blood pressure if though I have a family history of it and I'm pretty sure I'm showing signs of heading down that road. I don't understand why they never brought it up to me that I should be doing something to help lower my blood pressure. I think I'm going to borrow my parents BP machine to see if it's still high at home and if it is I need to do something about it. I am genetically predisposed to it, both of my parents have hypertension, my mom's obese so no surprises why she has hypertension but my dad is a very fit man, he has a low body fat percentage and low BMI so I've never understood why he had hypertension because hypertension is associated with obesity not fit men. Does anyone know if this would help with tachycardia though? The only reason my heart rate is in the 70s right now is because I'm on medication to keep my heart rate down, without medication it's in the 110-130 range. I would love to fix that and get off of medication but so far I can't find anything that might actually help.

  5. Great Video, thumbs up to you, have a Wonderful, Monday, sincerely, Diana Lipski, a 6 year Vegan Lady ๐Ÿ‘, I am Enjoying your Videos and I am Sharing them, too, Awesome ๐Ÿ‘

  6. I totally agree great video I'm speaking from a morbidly obese man. And after going vegan for just a week. I'm noticed dramatic changes did I say dramatic yes my stomach has flattened I can see my toes laying in bed. And I feel so much better the lbs are dropping off so fast it's incredible how fast it works.

  7. Great Video, just subscribed, check out Dr.Robert Morse on youtube, If you get your lymph moving and kidneys filtering you may be able to easily regrow your hair as you commented about that, I love the raw vegan way of life, Peace,Love and Fruit!!!

  8. Thanks for sharing this video! Unlike you I had a poor diet and ate a mixture of healthy and unhealthy foods. Though athletic in 2006 my diet caught up with my body and I experienced being overweight and a belly. I started practicing what I was teaching others about diet and exercise. Little results but small changes. In 2011 my wife was invited to a presentation by a colleague. We went to this church where they were promoting the vegan lifestyle. It was a instant decision for me and I have been vegan every since. All of the benefits you mentioned and more I have experienced. Keep up the great work! Thanks again!


  9. Thanks, nice work on the blood pressure test, history and letting us into your world, keep this sort of personal stuff coming. Please do a what you eat in a day! No dietitians have one yet, I know I may be a lot of time and organising but from you home would be killer!!! Deakin from Australia ( vegan)

  10. WOW! Soooooo

    I just shared with my Son's โคโค…..

    Thank You for such…..LIFE CHANGING INFORMATION ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  11. I was vegan, but I personally had pernicious anemia, low B12, low vitamin D3 and intrinsic factor deficiency. Now I am "vegan" most days, every other day I eat a pasture raised egg. I think the important thing is to definitely have a plant slant in diets, yet being cautious of any possible deficiencies. Many omnivorous people for one definitely lack fiber.

  12. My husband is a nutritionist and so me going vegan definitely threw him through a loop. He fought with me and argued with me about it. The B12 thing stops him too. Except he goes so far as to say that of we can't maintain our diets through our own adaptation then the diet isn't a healthy one. There's no arguing that point. He's stuck in his ways and there's nothing I can do about it so I stick to my vegan foods and he has steak and chicken for dinner.
    I liked how you mentioned that you were already eating healthy though. He eats plenty of veggies too and he's had high blood pressure as well. We thought it was his PTSD and constant stress from military nonsense but I would bet his BP is still high now that he's out of the army .

  13. I see your skin and eyes, these are things I notice on healthy individuals like yourself when eating a plant base diet. Your healthy appearance is the reason why I am drawn to your channel. It's quite clear to me that you live a vegan life.


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