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  1. I'm seeing a lot of comments of people saying "go beyond the macros… the food is not that healthy… read the ingredients." For those of you saying that, you've already missed the entire point of the video. Rem is putting this out there to say there are options that will help you stay focused on your diet. Obviously, nothing beats lean meats/veggies/complex carbs… i highly doubt he'd dispute that. But when there are times when chicken and broccoli won't cut it one day, you're better going for one of these options than fast food or unhealthy foods. Calm down..

  2. Definitely looks more fun than my salmon and chicken every day 😂 I’ve been so committed though. The worst cheat food I’ve eaten in the past 12 days (start of my cut) has be 37 goldfish crackers (90 cals). I’m usually hitting my macros within 5g but I’d love to have more fun with my diet 😉

  3. This stuff is mostly bad for you.. Sure, it helps but it's easier to stay on a diet if you're having fresh food, because meals will be more pleasant and you won't feel like you're depriving yourself from anything. The process to learn to really love what you eat is hard, and sometime requires time, but it pays off! Good luck on whatever diet (or lifestyle) you're trying to follow! Stay on track :))

  4. This is late but i love this video, people act like processed food is plastic. It isnt, eating 3 times a day of healthy foods like some chicken and rice, and adding one of these snacks wont get you dying or obese. Like he said, in moderation, dont do 5 ice cream sandwiches a day.

  5. Been looking for some guilt free snacks; I've lost about 60-70 lbs over the past few months, and I've grown accustomed to actively wanting healthy food, but lately I've been craving some sort of snack I can enjoy.

  6. I'm currently in my first show prep and honestly it gets hard as fuck. I get tempted to order pizza especially on the weekends when I'm not working. Thank you for this man. Picking some up today.

  7. I am currently in the beginning phase of my diet and work out routines. This helps me so much because I feel like my cravings are really strong right now. Thank you so much !!

  8. My doctor said I needed to loose weight. So I will try some of this stuff because I have a lot of crap in my house and I need to get low carbs so yeah.

  9. ive just decided to finish my weight loss i will now be starting to go to the gym i like this video because im super picky i can not do salad i cant i hate it but i can eat a whole bag of veggies ive decided to cut extra sugar and bad carbs out of my healthy eating ive lost almost a hundred pounds i was 260 im now 175 im almost at 100 so my conceous choices and motivation has started to kick in im excited to start my goal weight journey so thanks for this video i will be using alot of this and cutting out alot of stuff my craving for sugar is so bad im struggling tonight so its gonna be rough for a couple weeks but i know i can do it

  10. Thank you very much for posting. I myself crave sweets whenever I am exercising and can't seem to find the right snack to satisfy my craving without sabotaging my fitness progress. Now I know exactly what to buy at the grocery. Thank you!!

  11. Yessss that chicken and broccoli for two weeks relapse is real!! 😂😫😭 I'm a binge too and this video just helped me push forward I had to subscribe I dont like watching people who says you can't have nothing sweet! 🙄 Thanks for the video! 😁👏🏾🙌🏾✔

  12. Hey man awesome videos! I’m a new subscriber and I’m from Ohio as well but I live in Akron. I saw protein potato chips at Walmart the other day and I didn’t by them because I thought they were still bad for your health lol


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