Weight Loss Update – GOOD NEWS!


Got some really good news from my surgeon today and wanted to share it with you, but I wanted to give a quick recap for people who aren’t aware of why i’m getting the surgery or what it is going to mean. I explain the surgery i’m getting, gastric bypass, so people will understand why we’re making this drastic choice.

We talk about my draw my life video and we talk about
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  1. Look I lost a family member. It was my great grama. Even though I didn't talk to her that much I still loved her. When she died I started to see her laying down in her bed. I kept on seeing her even if she were dead. Do how does That not get attention

  2. So glad u have a loving supportive. That posotive imput speaking from my own experience certainly goes along. I have often where i would b with my husband. He been my biggest support in my own weightloss journey

  3. I'm only 12 and not overweight at all but I have been consuming lots of calories and the only thing saving me are my good genes and metabolism; however because of u i am going to be cutting down on my calories and try to get into even better shape than I'm already on and try to be my best thank you

  4. Huge amount of respect and love for u and your channel, me and my friend both think u r amazing and we r rooting for you from the UK let us all know how you are more regularly I like these types of videos!

  5. I used to be 14 and 5’11. I weighed 168 pounds and after and after a long year of putting only the right stuff in my body I am 15, 6’0, and 150 lbs. i know its not much but I feel and perform better in sports and im glad I made the change. You will be too. Im so excited for you!!!!!!

  6. I’m happy for you boogie. Your an amazing person and I’m really glad and proud of your progress. I have only started watching you recently but from that I have learned that you are a genuine and nice person and I want to see you happy and healthy so we can keep you around for as long as we can. Thanks for everything.


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