What Will I DO After surgery??? Weight Loss Surgery q and a!


Lots of people have lots of questions about the surgery that I’m getting, whether i’m getting gastric sleeve or gastric bypass. They want to know why this is why I’m choosing to lose weight, whether it is the ‘easy way out’ or whether its too dangerous. They want to know why we decided to do it rather than the usual route and they want to know what the recovery time is like!

So we answer all of your questions and more about gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, and other weight loss surgeries!
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  1. Some of the answers are funny, I am happy for you boogie, I'm almost under 200 and I'm almost 6 foot tall and gonna be a sophomore, I watch you and some of your videos have helped me thank you!!

  2. How can you hate this guy? He gives great advice and seems like a genuine, kind and funny guy. I'm glad he's doing what will make him feel better and live a more enjoyable life. Wish you all the best boogie2988!


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