Fruits to Eat and Avoid If You Have Diabetes


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I think I want to start with those fruits we should avoid and end this video on a happy not today.

Among fresh fruit, there are only a handful that fall above the low level of glycemic load. They are:

Banana 11
Grapes 11
Figs 16
Dried Dates 18
Raisins 28

And the last 2 on the list aren’t actually fresh fruit. Dried fruit is a food we really should avoid as one with diabetes. They just compact all the sugars into a small package and really bump up the impact they can have on your blood sugar.

Another fruit we need to avoid is any canned fruit packed in heavy syrup. Heavy syrup is honestly just another way to say “SUGAR.” It truly is a can of sugar waiting to elevate your blood sugar.

Fruits canned in heavy syrup, on average, will add 40 to 50 grams of sugar per serving! So we should avoid those at all costs. If you need to get canned fruit, get those canned in water or in the fruits own juices, that is a much better substitute.

While talking about fruit, we also must be sure we stay away from fruit-like foods like fruit roll ups, fruit chews and the like. Some may say made with real fruit juice and they are, but they are also made with real sugar.

Also while speaking of fruit, fruit juices are something you need to be leery of as well. Many of the fruit juices have added sugar and even if not, the juice has little if any dietary fiber which helps to off set some of the sugar’s effect on your blood sugar levels.

When thinking about the best fruits to eat, pick those that you like. I think choosing fruits that have edible skin is always good because of the dietary fiber they bring with them. Apples, pears, tomatoes (yes a tomato is a fruit) are all good choices. Berries are good choices for the same reason. Strawberries and blueberries bring a ton of antioxidants and Vitamin C to the table and their skin has a bit of fiber as well.
As a matter of fact, apples and strawberries have the lowest GL among the most common fruits enjoyed by humans.

Other great fruits are melons. For years, those of us with diabetes were told we couldn’t have melons because they were too high in sugars. The glycemic index of most melons is quite high. But when the glycemic load scale came to light, we saw that even though melons have a high GI, they really have little effect on our blood sugar at all. Watermelon is a wonderful example. Depending on what type, the GI of watermelon can be from 75 to 95. Now there is no way a person with diabetes would have even considered it OK to eat a food with a glycemic index that high, but the glycemic load of watermelon is only about 5, a perfectly fine food to eat.

Citrus fruits are another great food. Oranges, grapefruit, lemons, limes all have a low GL in the 1-4 ranges. Each of these fruits bring all important Vitamin C to our bodies which helps our immune system tremendously.

Other fruits that are awesome are peaches, mangos, nectarines, cherries, I mean I could really just go on and on. Fresh fruit is a wonderful choice.

Also, consider frozen fruit. Most frozen fruit is great as well. Just be sure to get frozen from the field, or without additives. Sometimes those additives are sugar or some other form of unhealthy carb.

How do we incorporate fruits into our daily mean plan? Hey, they are great as one of your snacks through the day. Many fruits are also a great addition to things such as greek yogurt, oatmeal, sugar free jello. Many frozen fruits are just ready for a smoothie or a bowl of milk. Cut up a peach or put some frozen peaches in a bowl with some milk and a little sucralose and you will thank me tomorrow.


  1. But they have genetically manipulated watermelons and also many other fruits to be sweeter then they normally had been ! And also to have no more seeds in them !!! Also all the citrus fruits…they have made them sweeter and took out the bitterness. What a failure to manipulated all this genetically, but people seem to not care and the most really think this had been done for their profit! Bitter is very healthy, seeds are very healthy, and sour also. It is a crime that they have done this!!!! Who comes to the idea to genetically manipulate fruits and vegetables without seeds!!
    This is so sick, does no one check this?! Plants need seeds to live further over the generations! As if we humans manipulate ourselfes to be infertal! Also this is taking place for a long time, but nearly nobody recognize! Be careful with what you eat ! And I do not understand why we should not eat dates and feiges and apricots dried fruits basically, they are very healthy and have many antioxigens and vitamins, not to eat tons of them, but a view every day, why not? Diabetes has many other reason, for example do not use the rafined salt, use raw sea salt and brown sugar, do not eat ready foods with Mononatriumglutamate, and many many more so called food people should avoid.
    Just eat the pure basics and plant your own organic food from seeds which has not been manipulated as much as you can ! Drink water without added fluoride and so on. Well everything is out there and people will recognize now more and more.


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