Fat Burning HIIT Cardio Workout with No Equipment (Advanced and Low Impact Modifications)


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  1. Really loved this workout, myh leg are dying but it feels good~~
    This is my third day, I tried a low impact, a normal one and this one, I will keep this up~
    I will alternate low impact whith normal ones
    Thanks FirnessBlender~~~

  2. My godness, this workout is freaking brutal. I can do the 40mins HIIT and Cardio Abs workout easily without extra rest but this one is completely on another level. I finished it with 4 times extra rest and was breathless at the end of the cool down. 😭😭😭😭😭

  3. April 2019: 89kgs.
    August 2019: 75kgs.
    I started with 3 30 minute exercises per week then in July (30 days ago) went to 6 40 minutes with 3 cardio/bodyweight and 3 yoga sessions. I also do a yoga stretch every Sunday. I am fit, healthier and i sleep and feel so much better. My biggest improvement has been mental… seriously. But most importantly, I have fitness blender to thank for this. I use your modules and since it's such a wide variety I change them every so often to add variety to either cardio or bodyweight. never used those with equipment but the results speak for themselves. Will be back in 3 months to report about my 6-weekly sessions. Thanks for your content and dedication to make us work with our bodies and not just opt for quick (sometimes) dangerous fixes. It's a journey im glad to take with you.

  4. My favourite is right after the first skip jump 'Remember which leg you are on'. Well I literally can put zero weight on the one I just did without a high probably of falling over. Don't think I'll forget which leg I was on hahaha

  5. I am usually able to do these workouts no problem at home. But I recently started going them in my gyms patio area and I'm struggling . Is this normal? Like are outdoor conditions really that much more difficult?

  6. I did like a 4 minutes break in the middle and an even longer one before cooling down lol but I'm really happy I finished this instead of just jumping to the cool down from the middle like I usually do

  7. I like that she is just explaining the techniques and not talking nonsense during the workout like in other girl videos where the girl just keep saying "oh yeah! you got it! keep going! my favorite! you are strong! oh yeah! stay with me! etc

  8. Love your Channel and all your workouts! Kelly do you guys have any eating plans that go along with this type of activity? I find that if I do HIIT 3 times a week and weights/ cardio /yoga for another 3 days I am always hungry on a normal weight loss eating plan. Struggling to loose the last 5-7 kgs. Bleh.

  9. It's been roughly a year since I've done any of your workout videos or any workout 🙁 This is my first workout and I'm happy that I haven't lost strength, the balance thou, that's not existence.
    What workout do you recomend to do next to let my body recover and then keep going with HIIT?

  10. May I ask why doing HIIT over 3 times a week would sabotage progress? I don't really remember, but I think I've been doing one everyday this week. I know for sure I did one yesterday and the day before. I had a rest day before that day, but the day before my rest I (may or may not, can't remember) did a HIIT work out. Will I just not see changes in my body??? Or like.. Not lose weight? I'm curious. Thanks for the info, btw!


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