Weight Loss + Nutrition Facts! // Vegetarian What I Ate


Vegetarian food that I love, nutrition facts, and my weight loss!
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  1. Hey guys!!! So happy I was able to get this up for you all 🙂 I'm currently in Spain and the wifi at our flat is TERRIBLE, so yayy! Haha. I hope you enjoy!! Also, so sorry I forgot to film my lunch, but let me know if you'd like to see a Healthy Salad Recipes video!! LOVE YOU GUYS!

  2. Dieting used to seem simple. If you were slim, you were in “good shape.” If you weren’t, losing a few pounds would benefit your health. But the latest research suggests that your risk for death and disease doesn’t always align with your physique. That makes pinpointing the “ideal” or “optimal” protein intake really tricky.

    Some exercise researchers say more protein is often better—even in amounts well above the 56 grams a day (and 46 grams, for women) recommended by the Institute of Medicine (IOM). It’s filling, beneficial for appetite suppression and weight loss, and also helps prevent loss of muscle mass and strength as people age, says Dr. Stuart Phillips, a professor of kinesiology at Canada’s McMaster University. Animal sources of protein are also loaded with essential nutrients and amino acids—like iron and folate, which many people don’t get enough of, Phillips says.

    For all these reasons, he says that adults, whether they’re sedentary or active, should consume a lot more protein than they probably do—up to .75 grams of protein per pound of body weight every day. For a 150-pound person, that works out to roughly the amount you’d find in a chicken breast or like-size cut of meat, a cup of beans, six ounces of Greek yogurt and eight ounces of milk, according to the USDA’s nutrient database.

    But talk to a disease and longevity researcher, and you’ll get a very different answer—one that sure won’t please Paleo dieters.

    “Proteins and their amino acids regulate the two major pro-aging pathways,” says Dr. Valter Longo, a professor of biological science at the University of Southern California. By “up-regulating” those pathways, eating lots of protein seems to promote higher rates of both death and disease, he says.

    Longo’s research shows cancer rates increase nearly 400% among Americans who get 20% or more of their daily calories from protein, compared to those who restrict their protein intake to 10% of their daily calories. Risk of mortality also jumps 75% among the heavy protein eaters, his data show.

    Of course, there are several important confounding factors baked into that data. Americans who eat lots of protein are probably getting it from unhealthy sources. But Longo says even if you cut out fatty, additive-stuffed cuts of meat—fast food burgers, breakfast sandwiches etc.—there’s still plenty of evidence to suggest protein consumption fuels disease and early death.

  3. What he explained is just basic knowledge about nutrition 😅 please please inform yourself before you make a video about food and claim things are healthy. There are many young and impressionable people surrly watching this.

  4. Oh, it took me so much time to find! Usually I can only find vegan videos. They are good too, but a vegetarian diet is slightly different and I'm never sure what to eat

  5. Thank you so much my love ! I watch videos on how to loose weight and it’s all like eat meat of ur choice with with and that and eat tuna eat hotdogs eat blah blah and I’m like for fuck sake!!!!!! So thank you you are an angel

  6. That premier protein drink is so unhealthy. Highly processed, contains contraversial artificial sweeteners, dough conditioner, and Acesulfame Potassium. According to fooducate its one of the worst products in its category.


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