My Peloton Cycle #13: 6 Tips for Losing Weight at Middle Age (with your Peloton)!!!!


Thanks for watching My Peloton Cycle Journey: “6 Tips for Losing Weight at Middle Age (with your Peloton)”. My wife #RoxyGirl and I share with you the 6 steps we did to change our bodies (she is almost 40 and I am almost 50). I made this for fun and I hope you enjoy it. If you want to email me with any questions – you can reach me at [email protected]
If your interested in buying a bike and would like a $100 free voucher for accessories, use me as a referral. You will get the $100 voucher and so will I! click on the link below for your voucher referral:
SPECIAL NOTE: As of May 10, 2017 Peloton is no longer offering the “free two months” of subscription when using a referral. They are only offering $100 vouchers now for their store/accessories.


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