Vaccines: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)


The benefits of vaccines far outweigh the minuscule risks, but some parents still question their safety. John Oliver discusses why some people may still feel uncertainty about childhood vaccinations.

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  1. If you are a doctor and you even talk about treatments that are not authorized by the FDA no matter how effective they are, you can be band from practicing medicine in the USA. Actually doing research on such treatments can land you in jail. Yet the FDA drags their feet on known harmless yet effective treatments and gives the green light to less effective treatments based on long term marketability of the medicine, not on effectiveness or need. This is due to billions of dollars of kickbacks and under the table deals done by the FDA and the food and drug industry. The cat is guarding the canary here people. Vaccines are what is put forth for us too worry about when the real problem is much deeper and much, much worse than most people want to know. Ever wonder why the same parent corporations own both major food manufactures and major drug companies? It's not just because they are both profitable businesses. One feeds the other, there real business model is poison us with the food and manage the results with the drugs and get paid at both ends. Real nice racket if you have no moral compass and are powerful enough to buy off anyone that gets in the way. With that said, question anything that a doctor tries to give you, I'm not saying there all bad because there are good doctors and good medicines out there, and after years of being poisoned you will need them. But unfortunately, some will try and fill you up with unneeded drugs and treatments by the score and often fail to consider unwanted interactions and side effects. Always research the side effects of what they give you, know what you are taking and what it is for, and most of all don't be afraid to question their decisions. make them explain why and know that there are strong financial incentives attached to prescribing certain drugs that might not be the best for your health. I don't usually rant, but when I do. It's about something that matters. No Need to reply with your opinion or critique, just because i have misspelled a word or used improper grammar can in no way discount the truth in what i have said.

  2. The difference between Wakefield and Armstrong is that Armstrongs lie caused 100s of millions of dollars to be donated to cancer research while Wakefields lie caused thousands of deaths and will cause more deaths in the future because people are retarded.

  3. If you can keep your child isolated from other children because you have a rich nanny who can watch them until they're about 3 years old then you can afford to stretch out their vaccinations. If you have to go back to work in 6 weeks and your child has to go in daycare before they're even 3 months old then you need to vaccinate your children.

  4. You are the most important journalist in my world, John Oliver–you do it for the right reasons, in a genius way. I must say though, I wanted to stand up for those fish. They are not so dumb. We don't know how to breathe under water! LOL

  5. Autistic people are awesome! We see the world in very unique ways and then make it all the better and more interesting. The social difficulties are annoying and problematic, but then again, a lot of the social rules we don't get are kind of useless if you stop and think about them. Screw the haters! Parents should count themselves lucky to have an autistic kid. Their lives will never be boring.

  6. The problem is that people do not trust the medical industry. And sometimes with good reason. When the mexican flue was around I actually REFUSED to get the shot as I was 4 times more likely to get an immune desease then to actually die from the virus. Put more control on the industry and people will come around

  7. Well holy fuck I agree with Trump about something, which makes me feel very, very dirty but there it is. I agree vaccines should be given one shot at the time. In Norway that is how we do it, vaccines are given one at a time with months, perhaps years between each, and well our percentage of needle phobia are around 3 percent of the population while in USA where it is not uncommon for a kid to be given five injections at the time the percentage is around 20 percent. An before you protest yes needle phobia is actually a serious concern, quite a few people die each year because they are to afraid to accept medical treatments involving needles, do not go and see doctors or if they go stress over needle procedures complicate recovery. I a all for vaccines but I am not in favor of holding a child down and sticking them with a needle several times in a row, vaccines should be given one shot at a time rather than as many as possible at once.

  8. I have autism. I just have to ask these people something. What's worse, you're kid being dead from a horrible but preventable disease or them being autistic? It's pretty insulting to hear that these people would rather have dead children than autistic ones. I mean I'm high functioning and there is a spectrum where autism ranges to high functioning to need special therapists and care. Honestly, if I ever meet any of these people I would tell them "I'd rather be autistic than dead." This is why that Disneyland outbreak of Measels happened. It wasn't the parks fault, it was retards like this.

  9. I wholeheartedly believe that Donald Trump knows exactly what infant and children vaccinations look like because he's gone to the doctor so many times with his kids
    how f**** full of s*** can he be


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