How to Lose the MAXIMUM Amount of BELLY FAT in 1 WEEK! | 3 SCIENTIFIC Steps = No More BELLY PUDGE!


★ How Can You Lose The MAXIMUM Amount of Stubborn Belly Fat in Just 1 Week? Here is the SCIENTIFIC Breakdown in 3 Easy Steps!

The Most Ripped Man Alive? 5 Secrets to Get Shredded Faster from Mr. 4% Body-Fat!



ALPHA SHREDDER + ALPHA DREAMS together is what I call the “Master Shredder” Stack and is ideal for somebody looking to Shred Faster, and get perfect muscle building recovery from intense workouts in a Caloric Deficit, or when lean Bulking.

These 2 products were created to work together in perfect harmony, 24 hours per day.

★ ALPHA SHREDDER: All Day Fat-Burner + Energy Igniter (I created it myself and is 100% Unique Formula)

★ ALPHA DREAMS: (The BEST Night-time Shredding/Recovery Product ever made, and I’ll give you a money back guarantee on that.

I took 8 months of product research to develop this formula)

★ SCIENCE OF ABS: 8 Week Six Pack Abs + Aesthetics Program

I filmed this entire program on the beach in California and stand by this as the most effective six pack abs program on the market for getting VISIBLE abs in only 8 weeks.

SCIENCE OF ABS utilizes the “Pre Fatigue phenomenon” and forces your six pack abs to pop out of your skin, giving you that epic “shrinkwrap” effect on your abdominals.

I developed this training mechanism after living in Hollywood and learning how Hollywood Stars transform fast for movie roles (Guys like Ryan Reynolds, Christian Bale, etc)

9 Forgotten AB Exercises That FORCE Your SIX PACK ABS To POP Out Of Your Skin! (Even LOWER ABS!)

How To Lose the MAXIMUM Amount of Belly Fat in 1 Week BLUEPRINT:

I know the title of this video looks like clickbait – but losing fat fast seems to be the most common question I get these days. Getting rid of stubborn belly fat takes a scientific approach, and I thought it would be really important to show you the EXACT Steps you need to take to lose that stubborn belly fat fast!

How much Belly Fat Can You Lose in 1 week? ONLY ONE WAY TO FIND OUT!

If you have a fair amount of fat to lose and want to get to 6-8% body fat you can also follow this shredding and cutting diet plan for longer periods of time (Up to 6 weeks!)

The best cutting diet plan and fat loss tip in the world is to have at least 1 long stretch of LOW INSULIN while your metabolism is in a heightened state.

Whether you follow intermittent fasting, Keto, or any other diet approach – this is going to be the blueprint on how you can lose weight fast!

I really hope you guys enjoy this video as I worked really hard to produce it and wanted to give you the exact Science behind fat loss transformations!

How to Lose the MAXIMUM Amount of BELLY FAT in 1 WEEK! | 3 SCIENTIFIC Steps = No More BELLY PUDGE!

💪🏽5Min Lower Abs + Obliques Workout For Ripped Abs –


  1. CICO. going on a deficit will result in more weight lost than actual bodyweight. Because of waterloss as well as poop in your intestines. More than 1kg actual fat loss per week is NOT RECCOMENDED BY ANY SERIOUS HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONAL WITHOUT A DAILY CHECK-IN WITH A DOCTOR. 1kg of body fat is 7000 kcal, so go into a deficit like that and you will lose it. No specific training, no specific food. Just make sure to get enough vitamins and proteins, and you will be fine. There, yet another youtube “scientist” countered.

  2. Just burn 3500 calories a week and keep a consistent strength training regime and if you plateau either increase the weight, reps, or change the amount of time under tension. Done.

  3. A consistent low insluin level for that many hours a day consistently for a long amount of time isn't good for you, you run the risk of creating the effects of diabetes and redirecting your glucose to your bloodstream.


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