PALEO DEBUNKED The Caveman Diet Vs Vegan Gains


A Caveman tries to convince Vegan Gains that the Paleo Diet is the way to go…

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  1. I train for strength and conditioning 6 days a week. My diet consists of 40% fats, the majority of which are saturated fats from meat and raw whole milk dairy products, 35% protein, and only 25% of carbs, which are primarily from fruits and vegetables and virtually no grains, and yet I have a net cholesterol of 165. Care to explain this?

  2. Cavemen actually managed to live pretty long compared to their average life expectancy, but that's really not relevant for nutrition, reproductive fitness only factors into reproducing and making sure the consequences of our reproduction grow up to fend for themselves, any health effects due to nutrition that have an effect past that point that are unlikely to play a part in gene pool trends, or affect it very slowly.

    Adopting that perspective though, to make children in good health the caveman narrative actually does make a lot of sense, though the devil is in the details. We're adapted to require certain things (things that contain essential vitamins & nutrients, enough energy, enough varied protein) and to be able to eat other certain things (a lot of things, including, crucially for our evolution, but not our nutrition, meat, though certainly not 3 times daily nor in these quantities, as the product of hard of physical labour), and we're also adapted to be respond in certain ways (e.g. stuff our face with sweet things like berries) that industrial society has managed to exploit on top of all the great traditions of brain hacking that have emerged since agriculture began. My favourite example is fruit juice, so simple – take out the fiber and people will casually eat like 5 oranges with a high calorie breakfast, but we're not really adapted to deal with that many oranges that all at once, as any diabetic will tell you. As a general rule this kind of bypassing previous constraints on dietary intake applies to all processed food.

    An honest to science paleo diet would be for the most part vegan, certainly no dairy, a lot of raw food, intermittent fasting according to luck or skill, probably a lot of caloric restriction, stagnant water and the accompanying parasites, and none of our lovely cultivar plants.

    There's a caveat, this logic involves a time scale that is quite arbitrary, for example you could argue for recent adaptation to dairy or grain (genes for tolerating those are widespread in some populations), and you could argue that caveman doesn't go far enough and that really we are monkeys and should be eating mostly fruits and grubs.

    Thankfully, to inform that decision there's modern medicine, which evidently favours veganism (once you control for corporate greed), and provides independent validation of the fact that a plant based diet is the healthiest way to meet our essential nutritional requirements, and that this is reasonably easy to do in the developed world. For the most part this coincides with what would be predicted by evolutionary theory applied to paleolithic diet.

    Strangely, medicine also suggest beans are very good for us, which is not quite accounted for by the caveman perspective. Nor is chocolate. Stupid cavemen.

    Nowadays we have many more choices and so much abundance and variety, so the nutritional density is no longer necessary to eat meat even in most areas where it used to be necessary (highlands, arctic, etc), though not everyone has the economic freedom or rationale to actually do so. That's unfortunate, we could have a higher quality of life, improved health outcomes, and a saner ecology/economy given the resources available to us, and this isn't even considering the ethical implications, this is just from an entirely self serving perspective.

  3. How is it debunked when people everywhere are losing the weight they set out to lose…? why are vegans so militant? Most of you are like invading Muslims that feel a pull to convert everything in your path. 'We taught this lion to eat tofu, man!'

  4. I'm just stating the fact that a big part of the reason why the average lifespan in the Paleolithic era was so short is because of infant death. But other than that yeah the paleo diet is retarded. They're just people deluding themselves because they don't want to stop eating meat. It's really not that hard to stop eating meat, if you do find it hard thing just cut out One meat a month until they're all gone. That's what I did and it worked well. The normal American has an addiction to meat because it's been force-fed to them their entire life.

  5. The paleo diet is NOT about replicating any one exact Paleolithic diet, a common mis-conception !! It's about looking to human evolution merely as a source of GUIDANCE in deciding what is the best kind of diet for us. EG – apes and monkeys (our evolutionary forebears) do not eat grains, therefore it's certainly questionable whether humans should break with the evolutionary tradition.


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