What Happens When You Stop Eating Meat | 1 Month Vegetarian Weight Loss Transformation


Have you ever wondered what would happen if you stopped eating meat and transitioned to a plant based diet? Last June 5, 2017, I decided to stop eating meat not just for meatless monday but for a month! In this video, i share my reasons why, the ups and downs of my journey, and my vegetarian before & after results!

Share with me in the comments below if you’ve watched different documentaries such as Forks Over Knives, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, or other plant based / vegan diet / vegetarian documentaries!

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Hi, i’m Kym! I’m a speaker & wellness entrepreneur from Vancouver, BC. At the age of 25, i quit my “dream” job for good to create my dream life through entrepreneurship. Videos include Vlogs (Travel, Workouts, Life) and Talks on topics of Health & Wellness.


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  1. I’m a yo-yo dieter (I know, I know. I’m working on changing that mindset #nolecturesplease) but the times where I cut out meat, I saw the best results in weight loss, energy, fewer migraines, and clearer skin. I’m going back to committing to this especially since I have a better income.

  2. I was on my first night vacationing out of town and somehow decided to change over to vegetarian, after talking about it with coworkers and finding that dairy and eggs could still be a part of the diet, and fish. So like i said to myself I'll try vegetarian, and yeah i ended up getting veggie burgers and organic bread and like oatmeal breakfast and like not much else surprisingly. BUT……..4:47 i swear it was almost two days in a row for me havibg that experience. Like my insides were cleansing themselves and all i did was pass up on meat! I feel great, and noticed more energy and lighter feeling. Start of week two today amd definitely feeling lethargic not havibg much foods planned today, still taking in fish and dairy but like not primarily. Really looking for meat substitutes, whole foods kind of substitutes and not just you know veggie burgers and stuff. Cool video dude, what draw me to decide change is how my stomach has been feelibg the past few months and food is like a big part of asian culture so why bot control it than let it control me.

  3. Please comment any experience you've had but recently I was making dinner beef and broccoli stir fry. Once I started eating it I kept picking around the beef. Ended up just eating rice and broccoli. I've been eating veggies and fruits more and just cutting meat out unconsciously. Is it normal to just not desire meat anymore?

  4. I WANNA STOP EATING MEAT BUT MY UGLY BITCH DAD DOESNT LET ME LOSE WEIGHT OR BECOME VEGAN :((((( If i become vegan he will beat me up really really harder and it will hurt really bad 🙁 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  5. I know exactly what you mean about it being hard being out with friends and not knowing what to order. My first 2 months i would stand in front of places and talk myself out of certain dishes. I would always consider if the meat was "worth" going back and it never was. Going to familiar restaurants with a new diet is challenging.

  6. I’m so lost on how to even do this but the universe tried to kill me everytime I ate meat. I’m so lost on this journey and don’t know what to eat.. but if I go back to meat it’s horrible. I’ve been having crazy vivid dreams too (lost 20 lbs. being sick from meat

  7. Im veg and eat sushi all the time… with my japanese boyfrined lol, edamame, deep fried tempura veggies, seaweed salad, miso soup, tofu skin, egg sushi, yam rolls, mango crispy rolls, cucumber avocado, etc. Idk thats alot of options (just to name a few) in my opinon!

  8. Thank you, I'm finding myself interested in exploring a vegetarian diet and I'm at Square One so this is perfect for me. "How you do anything is how you do everything" sure rings true with me, going to hold on to that one.

  9. So, my toilet release situation started right away….I couldn't slow it down and that has been the most annoying thing. I don't have time to be constantly running to the bathroom. Otherwise, I'm really pleased with the change.


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