Dom D’Agostino on the Side Effects of Ketogenic Diet


PowerfulJRE #994 – Dom D’Agostino

Joe and Dom talk about the side effects of being on the Ketogenic diet and tips to stay in ketosis.


  1. Fats can be converted to anything you need like proteins carbs ketones w.e. Fats have the most energy. More then any carb/sugar or protein. Huge companies pay money for bs research so they can keep selling their bs. Some of the best fats are not made in US. Example avocados most made in mexico. US cant have them becoming super rich and controlling what we eat. So corn and wheat continue to thrive and give Americans cancer.

  2. You know bottom line , I was going to try the keto diet, but like my trainer said , she said Ronnie you don't need to go on a damn keto diet , just stop eating fast food and m&ms! Everyone wants to go all out when they just left with a Big Mac, put the fucking bag of Doritos down and just clean your diet up for once !! Rice and potatoes are not going to make you fat!! Chicken, steak , fish is not going to make you fat!! You burn fat so fast on a clean body build diet

  3. Number one the keto genic diet IS NOT NATURAL…… all the crap you have to take into account let's you know this. If everything went down the kieto guys would be the first to die… They need extra stuff to keep there diet up. Crazy

  4. High fats will destroy your arteries (clog them) , give you heart attacks and also make you loose hair. Not to even mention the ecological impact you will contribute to supporting the meat industry etc etc.

  5. Just another fad diet to get money out of your pocket. There will be another “Best diet ever” right around the corner. And these same people will tell you they have all the proof but never show you 😂. Just eat normal portions of normal food, get 20 minuets of exercise everyday and it’s amazing what will happen to your body.

  6. Last week my doctor told me that I am now a full blown diabetic. My A1C was at 6.6 mg/l. I am also on blood pressure meds. I'm about 15 pounds overweight. I've heard that the Keto diet can help reverse these ailments. My biggest problem is that I love to drink beer on the weekends.

  7. Remember we are talking about percentages in terms of calories. 80% of your CALORIES from fat, not 80% as an amount in grams or anything like that. Considering the density of calories in butter and oils, it is very possible to do a 90% fat keto diet. I didn't realise it was a calorie counting thing for the longest time 🤦🏻‍♂️ Imagine a big block of butter and some watery, flimsy greens and a strip of bacon for dinner lol. 70+% fat in grams is absurd, but in calories it's manageable.

  8. Brain fog? Stoney Joe forgot the question lol. Micro dosing is so cool lol . I have lost 60+ lbs on 90%veggie/intermittent fasting with several cheats monthly,lol. Successfully and slowly increasing to 25% fats, avocado's, nuts n beans.Red fatty meats only 3-4 days a week max. Transition working well , less cravings but no beer period is a downer. Everyone is different so find your combo starting with real nutrient rich plant foods.

  9. Keto is bullshit,the only carb that should be restricted in all diets is sugar and complex carbs shouldn't.we need carbs ,without carbs we cant make intestinal mucus properly that helps in digestion and also an big impact in our immune system (the mucus Is made out of friendly bacteria and feeds with carbs ) . Prolonged carb restriction causes constipation (because the healthy bacteria dies) expecially if u eat lots of meat .It's better to have an balanced diet ,after all we are omnivores for Christ sake .Our nemesis are sugar , processed food and alcohol.

  10. Seriously!!!1:42 in and this guy is spouting the word( suspected)= He has no clue. You want history, look into run primeraly on ketones, 70 % more then adults. This was tested and proven. Do you think a baby is not in it's most important development stages ? This is his opinion, nothing more. BTW, it's 80/15/5 .He let you run with the number 90 to make the gap larger for his acceptable amounts., look at the actual diet.Finally, we get the pitch, he is setting up his app.One more thing, that 80% fat can come from your body. You don't need to portion out a fat unless your body is to lean.


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