1 Month Vegan Update


I’ve been Vegan for a month now. In this video I share how I transitioned to a Vegan diet, weight loss I experienced and how everyone around me reacted.

Keep scrolling for other helpful links to living Vegan:

Documentaries I watched –
What The Health (on Netflix) – http://nflx.it/2wGj52n
Earthlings – http://bit.ly/2vpMZnh

The brand Gardein has tons of meatless food options – http://bit.ly/2w5uRkw

Ripple is my favorite dairy free milk – http://bit.ly/2wGiWvM (I like Vanilla but they have other options as well – the Chocolate one tastes just like chocolate milk!)

Favorite brand that offers almond milk coffee creamers – http://bit.ly/2g6AFq3

Helpful Apps –

VeganXPress – http://apple.co/2g5Glk5
HappyCow – http://apple.co/2vZW5uw
Is It Vegan – http://apple.co/2g5LJ6M

These websites will help going Vegan:
Vegan Kit – http://bit.ly/2g7uEZV
Vegan How – http://bit.ly/2xdPVp1

Vitamin + Supplement Guide – http://bit.ly/2vh313y

Necklace I’m wearing is by Sam Ozkural – http://etsy.me/2wzpInL I also have it with a white stone

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  1. Being plant based can be challenging but it very rewarding. Try to look into vegan multivitamins until you're consuming enough plant based foods.
    I even veganized taco bell and other restaurants. you can even be vegan at shake shack with the mushroom burger (just take out the cheese).
    My dominican go to is : rice , beans, veggies and platano maduro ! or berenjena guisada
    Im so happy for you !!!!

  2. You should watch the documentary In defense of Food on Netflix. It's about the mass production of food in this country. In my opinion it's more accurate and less biased than What the Health

  3. While I think being vegan is a personal choice and it is perfectly okay for anyone to choose such a lifestyle, please understand that documentaries aren't always based on hard facts. I have personally watched What the Health and I'm also a health promotion major. The "evidence" in that documentary is mostly observational evidence. It can't be actually proven let alone made into facts. It can barely be called a hypothesis really. There are plenty of articles debunking that documentary and I personally do not think it's the best place to look for advice on being vegan. Being vegan is perfectly fine, being misinformed is a shame. 😔

  4. This is so inspiring I'm so happy you've gone vegan!! And it's so great you mentioned the ethical aspect cos so many youtubers go on a plant based diet for health reasons and that's all it is for them. More people should make the ethical connection! Good luck on your vegan journey 💖💖

  5. I just tried a vegan cheese today that i loved. It's by Parmela Creamery and it is made out of Nut milk. They use mostly cashew milk i believe. Picked it up at whole foods.
    I always make sure that i am not just eating vegan but also as natural as possible. There are quite a few vegan options that are filled with bad ingredients that you have to be careful with that too!

  6. i was vegan for about 2 years but i wasn't doing it the right way, I'm not vegan atm but i do wanna go back and eat healthier so would love to learn how and what to eat. looking forward to those kind of videos. keep it up mel

  7. Hey Melissa, I was vegan for almost two years and totally fell off. I went back to consuming meat and dairy and I feel physically and mentally horrible. Foggy brain, tired and oh my goodness the weight gain and bloat is back. (also the immense guilt about eating those helpless animals) You just inspired me to change my mindset and go vegan again. It really is all about the mindset change. I want to feel good on the inside again. Thanks for the inspiration. I know you said you were scared to go public with your vegan announcement but look at all the people you have inspired already 😉 Can't wait to see more vids! Xo!

  8. Even though you started a little before me, I love that I can do this with you even though we aren't physically talking everyday lol but I just love that I can come on here and hear your update and see what you choose. I like it!!! So thank you! And thanks for your resources you used.

    The reason I waned to do this is because I'm always bloated and it's difficult to loose weight. So I decided to stop dairy and the only meat I honestly eat is chicken. So I'm slowly but surely getting there!!!

    And I've been following you on snap and IG forever now!

    My user is @siimplyjen
    So incase you ever see me write on there, you can put one and one together 😘

  9. Omg it's been almost a month for me and yes I think for me was missing dairy not so much meat. I love that I don't have to worry about dieting. This literally works for me and I feel so much better that I'm not hurting any animals just for food when there are so many options out there.

  10. Hey girl! If you're ever in the Park slope Brooklyn area, there's a vegan Latin American restaurant called Vspot. Like vegan empanadas! They were delicious. I've been on my vegetarian journey for one month now. I think I can definitely maintain this eating habit for sure 🙂

  11. Thank you for sharing your story! I've been trying to get more informed on becoming a vegan especially after walking into a store and seeing that most of the food section came from animals which is devastating I thought to myself "look at how many animals died to be put on these shelves." I love how you share all of your resources with us, can't wait to see what you'll learn from the wellness coach!! You're literally my favorite YouTuber! You are so consistent with your videos and make them entertaining!! Much love Chardonnay ❤️

  12. What a great video!! Ive been thinking abt going vegan . Ive always said i want to try it at least once in my lifetime but its soooo hard to do it living at home with a dominican family that cooks meat every single day! I'm moving out in a few weeks and i think being independent will help me make better choices and transition into vegan. I want to watch those documentaries too but i already know i will be ballin out my eyes if they show animal cruelty. Thanks for doing this video. Good luck! And keep us updated 😘

  13. Hi Melissa! I highly recommend larabars if you haven't had them. I have about a month on the vegan diet as well and whenever I am feeling hungry I eat a cherry larabar and it's a great snack! Good luck xx

  14. Thank you for sharing your experience! You’re so positive and I love how you said to just be excited about it.. to be excited about what is in our food etc.. I’m challenging myself to be Vegan for at least 30 days, starting tomorrow! Thank for inspiring me ..please do more vegan videos ..lysm!

  15. How is your weight being vegan? I did it wrong at first. I’d go to Chick-fila and order fried etc. I was trying to make same meals but sub things and it wasn’t good. I saw you buy bagel. Is this ok for breakfast?


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