Anavar – Greatest Drug Ever?


Anavar has become the unicorn of steroids, but what is really true?

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  1. Something i dont get is everyone keeps saying " Testosteron stops you from growing because it closes the Epiphysen-Fugen ( German word sorry ) " . The next sentence is that anavar is safe for children because it does not close the Epiphysen-Fugen. Help ?

  2. How much should anavar cost? My mate is paying no more than 120 UK pounds and I keep telling him their to cheap to be proper steroids but he don't listen. This is why i have never taken steroids because the steroids here in England are all watered down shit. People are buying cycles for £60. Their so fucking dumb.

  3. Lots of good Anavar on the market! People test it on here all the time with positive results! Maybe because your in the US? in the UK there is loads of Anavar! And not fake!

  4. Hallo, danke für die Infos. Besteht die Gefahr einer Gynökomastie bei Anavar/Oxandrolon bzw. dessen Prohormon ? Man kann das Prohormon kaufen, davon gibt es sehr viele. Also nicht als Medikament sondern als Prohormon.


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