Not losing weight with INTERMITTENT FASTING?


Intermittent fasting is one of the most effective ways to lose body fat, however, there are certain things that can slow down or stop the fat burning process. In this video, I discuss possible reasons why you might not be losing weight through fasting and I also give a few tips to help you improve fat loss.

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  1. Hola Cata, tengo tiempo siguiendo tus videos, me gusta tu estilo de enseñar lo que has venido practicando, estoy un poco confundida con lo que estas haciendo ahora. He perdido 50 Lb, implementando cambios y observando como mi cuerpo reacciona. Al parecer los carbohidratos simples y los azucares han sido la razón por la que no podía perder peso. Hace 3 semanas me di permiso de comer un pedazo de Pastel Tres leches…desde entonces, mi cuerpo no ha parado de torturarme con la ansiedad de comer cosas dulces o carbohidratos que ya había dejado desde Febrero 2017. Como puedo volver a tener control y no perder el progreso que he logrado, aun tengo 20 libras por perder, grasa centralizada en el torso. Gracias & Bendiciones.

  2. I know you mentioned to much sugar. I'm curious would a fruit smoothie be too much sugar? I typically make it with banana, strawberries, some type of berry or pineapple, water and spinach.

  3. I have both hypothyroidism and adrenal fatigue. It is slow going…am keto 17+ weeks, 22 lbs. gone. Much more to go. I've given myself years for the result I want. And, I IF daily.
    No coffee. No snacking. 2 meals a day.

  4. If youre not losing weight its because youre still eating too much shit and not doing enough exercise. Thats it. Simple as that. Stop making up excuses…dont lie to your self.

    Low your cal intake to 900 for 1 month and let me now if its about luck or discipline.

    Its hard…and it takes time….its not gonna happen in 3 days…that why a lot of people quit. Because they want it now.

    Focus….be patient….build up your discipline level and keep moving.

  5. Hi! I started IF about a week ago and it's going well and surprisingly easy (I'm doing the 16/8). However i have a question about homeopathy. I'm taking some homeopathic remedies (the little white sugar balls) and since they are sugar balls and i'm supposed to take them when i go to bed and when i wake up, i don't know if it's considered breaking a fast. I mean they're super tiny but what do you think? thanks a lot!

  6. Ok, I do none of those, plus my meals I do eat consist of veggies and high quality proteins and zero snacks. I eat approximately 1300 cal per day and exercise. Before starting fasting I ate the same and was exercising and the scale would creep down every day a little at a time. I thought IF would speed up the weight loss. I am Fasting 16/8 and drinking lots of water. In three days my husband has lost 3# and I have gained three pounds. We are doing the same thing except he eats more than I do because he is a bigger guy. I don’t love this intermittent fasting, so I feel like quitting. How many days should I give it before I determine this is not for my body?

  7. 1. Ditch the coffee
    2. Ditch the sugar
    3. Quality protein, carbs + fats
    4. Ditch the snacks
    5.Find out if you have a medical condition like adrenal fatigue, hypothyroidism, etc. hindering weight-loss

    Somehow my fatass is not losing weight despite eating within a very short window throughout the day. I do my best to stay away from the entire bottom portion of the food pyramid as well as avoid dairy products.

  8. Great advice! I currently do intermittent fasting where I eat one meal a day after my work out. I'm going to try the carb cycling you suggested. I've already lost 20 pounds but I have reached weight loss plateau. So I'm going to try eating healthier meals and the carb cycling. Thank you for the advice!

  9. I started intermittent fasting 3 weeks go..the first 2 weeks i lost 3 kilos..third weeks didnt lose a single gram..even tho i did not change anything..i fast for 23 hours a day and i have one meal…i drink one 355 ml cup of black coffee with a dash of cinnamon in the morning…and i drink lots of water with lemon during the day plus a cup of apple cider vinegar….what am i doing wrong??
    Any advice is appreciated 🌷

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  11. I don’t eat sugar or coffee and been struggling for 2 days now. I am not loosing and took 1 kg i don’t even know why. All I eat is vegetable and meat. I don’t understand. During the first week it was working so well 😕

  12. I don't know if I'm doing it wrong or if something is wrong with me.

    I have been intermittent fasting for 3 months Monday through Friday. I fast 17 to 19 hours, I drink nothing but water all day, I do high intensity cardio Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays, slow steady cardio on Tuesdays and Thursdays, weight training on Mondays and Thursdays, I eat home cooked meals in the evenings Sunday through Thursday. I may have one cookie occasionally during the week after dinner but that's it. Just one.

    My arms and legs are slim and toned but yet I still have this huge belly as though it didn't belong to my body. It's like everything gets slim and toned and my belly stays the same.

    What could be going on??

  13. Dear channel owner: I hope u make a video about Hybrid Fast (18 Water/12 Dry) and how we can get both fasting types benefits. kind of hitting 2 birds in 1 stone. Love your channel.

  14. I’m on my second week of IF, yes I did lose 3 lbs on the scale but I gained body fat, I don’t get it. I was hoping it would decrease my body fat percentage but nope.


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