I Went Vegan For a Month | My Experience


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  1. I remember really hating your old videos on veganism (a lot of arguments weren’t that great) but I have to give credit where credit is due and I think what you’re doing now is amazing. I love your attitude and patience towards it and how open minded you’re being about it. Good job, man 👍 and take your time. Wanna be vegetarian? Do it. No need to rush. Cutting out any meat at all is already an amazing step 🙂

  2. I don’t eat pork or red meat or drink milk but I’m not vegan I like cheese ice cream etc I eat lots of fruits and vegetables I’m just trying to get healthier

  3. I'm thinking of maybe trying a vegetarian diet for half a month. Just as an interesting thing to try. Hell, maybe I'll even try a month. I have made a few vegetarian meals in the past that were actually really good, and it will just be an interesting challenge to set up for myself. A vegan diet will be the next big step I guess, but I don't know when that's gonna be.

    And Repzion, if you want a nice vegetarian recipe, make some tomato soup with spaghetti and add some hot sauce and blue moulded cheese, really nice.

  4. I'm only in high school right now so I live with my parents who literally make my siblings and I eat meat every fucking day but I feel like it wouldn't be hard for me to go vegan. For me, meat and animal products are not really worth hurting the environment and hurting animals. Honestly, I'm probably just sick of it lol.

  5. Check out the happy pear 5 minute videos on YouTube I did the tikka masala yesterday and and it was sooooo fast and easy and the taste was as good as the one I have paid £12 for from the takeaway.

  6. The first animal meat i cut out of my diet – way before i went vegan was pork too – i saw how smart these cute little piglets were and that was it for me. I actually wanted to vomit out all the pork i ever ate!!

  7. yay! I'm starting to transition into being vegan (I'm a vegetarian) but if you ever do go vegan in the future you should go to the Christian food truck if you can (they sell vegan and vegetarian foods) you MUST try the beyond burger and the vegan chocolate or vanilla pudding, it's sooo good! expensive, but it tastes great!

  8. Here is my advice, I tried 3 different diets, low fat, vegan, and keto. The first two aren’t effective at all for a healthy body, vegan food is not enough to live off of and you need to eat carbs if you want to live a happy vegan life. Low fat is just bullshit, believe it or not you are actually less healthy by having less fat and it causes you to have a higher risk of heart disease. If you really want to live healthy Whig here does not mean not eating enough or having big muscles you want to be on the keto diet, it is a high fat, no carb or sugar diet that triggers weight loss without having to under eat. This essentially means you can eat all the butter and chicken you want as long as you don’t add a thing of bread or any other carbs or sugar to them. This helps significantly to help burn fat ironically by consuming more of it while also having a good list of relatively cheap alternatives to things with carbs and sugar such as the pumpkin pie I had recently. Seriously don’t fall for the bullshit that is the vegan and low fat diet, they are doing more harm than good to yourself.

  9. We aren't vegan in my house but almost. We use lots of beans and do lots of prep cooking to save money. Garbanzo beans are really yummy if you crisp them up in the oven. Look up a recipe for crispy chickpeas and you can season them with whatever you like. I make spicy maple ones and they are BOMB AS FUCK. I always see the meat replacements and such as more luxury item type things, rather than regular meal staples. We eat a lot of Indian, Mexican and Ethiopian inspired food at my house because it's a good way to make hearty meals with frugal ingredients. I'm happy to see this video and you are very fair, thanks for doing your part. 😀 Even just being reducitarian and being aware of your consumption is a great step to helping our planet. I will warn you about rice, though. If environmentalism is your goal, then skip the rice and look out for palm oil. Sweet potatoes are GOD. There's a youtuber called Sweet Potato Soul who has a few good recipes and I use her sweet potato biscuit recipe ALL THE TIME. They are delicious and fairly easy to make.

  10. Follow your heart and violife are really good cheese, and the trick to melting is like if you’re making a vegan burger or something you’ll wanna cover the skillet for a few mins and it’ll melt perfectly!


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