Ketogenic Diet – 40 Weeks Weight Loss Results


Ketogenic Diet – 40 Weeks Weight Loss Results
Starting weight: 203.5 current weight: 150.6

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  1. Please keep up the weekly updates – it keeps all our journeys real. Totally understand your concerns – in the loooong run it will be worth it. I too have been at this for a while and the weight loss has been on the bottom of the list of benefits. Cheers to your success thus far!!!

  2. IMO Your body looks amazing and the scale isn't everything! U are at a perfect weight for your body. You really don't need to lose weight at this point. U don't want to be yucky-skinny do you? u really do look great. Just focus on your fitness and maintenance ….you've come so far!!

  3. If you're working out more there could be a possibility that the extra weight is muscle weight, or even water weight since muscles can of course swell when they're over worked. I know I get frustrated when I see an extra pound for the week, even when Ive added an extra workout or two and my overall calories were lower than normal that week. For some reason in the back of my head I think it's from those extra glasses of wine I had a few weeks back now coming for me haha!

  4. Don't be so hard on yourself is hard to watch you a little sad because is not going the way you wanted, I think you should not worry about it you are doing great 👍🏻 my weight goal is the weight you are right now 😔 just keep up the good work and you will keep seeing results

  5. I haven't weighted myself since starting keto. The scale is the devil. Look at the progress you have made. It has been amazing. Are you doing any measurements? That might be more accurate. Your exercise might cause you to retain some fluid due to inflammation. I only did my waist measurement. Don't get discouraged. You look great.

  6. You're doing a fantastic job! I know that it's a little different for women than it is for men, but I think keeping a long-term mindset has been what's kept me relatively sane.
    I've had weeks where I worked out like a demon, did IF, hit my macros, and had my weight go up. And then the opposite has been true — there have been weeks where I think, "There's NO way I'm down this week. I was a sloth." And I lose a couple lbs.
    I just keep going, and try to think about how much progress I've made toward my overall, long-term goal. I figure the the weight will come off when it's ready to come off.
    Keep up the great work! It's inspirational!

  7. Despite a small gain, you look great and you look like you FEEL great too!
    I have been eating a Keto diet for about a year but have stalled since brain surgery to remove a tumour even though I continue on a Keto diet that used to have me constantly losing a pound or two a week.
    Keep up the hard work! Your body will thank you for the love even if you never lose another pound. I'm rooting for ya! 😊

  8. I think it is ok to celebrate the body you have along the journey not just the body at the end! I appreciate the honesty and realness you bring to this woe. Stalling right along with you 😉

  9. I've been on the keto diet for 3 months now and lost 26lbs. I'm almost to my goal weight. I know it can be discouraging not seeing the scale change. But what matters the most is your dedication to sticking to this diet and how far you have come in this journey. Please don't stop….look for the positive than the negative. Keep up with the good work!☺️

  10. Hey there. Considering you total weight loss so far, it sounds like you are at a plateau. How long have you been at this weight..?? I'm saying this because on my journey, I started at 251 pounds, am at 195 now, but I feel like I'm at a plateau. I'm not eating keto at the moment, but that's why I'm watching videos like yours, to maybe shake things up a bit.. Your body gets used to your diet and exercise routine and creates that homeostasis which means you have to change your diet and/or exercise in some way. I know for myself, I still haven't incorporated lifting weights and tried a diet like keto.. My diet also isn't the "cleanest" either.. Just some tips for you to hopefully get through it without getting too discouraged. I know I'm discouraged at the moment. Another thing, do you do "re-feeds"..?? Meaning, if you are in a caloric deficit for too long, your metabolism will slow down a bit, and people find that loading up on carbs and calories for a day every once in a while will help. Except on keto you won't be loading on carbs. I guess just increase your calorie intake for a day and then resume your caloric deficit and see if that helps you..

    Another thing. Don't take the numbers on the scale as the definition of health. Do you FEEL BETTER..?? Have you done measurements on yourself and compared to before..?? Are you clothes fitting better..?? Are you stronger..?? Do you think you're gaining muscle..?? All of that says a lot more than the weight on the scale and I constantly have to remind myself that too.. I probably also weigh myself too much, at least once a day, but it gets frustrating, especially when you are in a plateau..

    You've done great so far on your journey. KEEP GOING..!!

  11. Enjoy the journey ,this diet is a way of life the end goal is a healthy happy body. You have done an awesome job your body is changing all the time, Numbers on the scale should not discourage you. Keep smiling and loving life.

  12. I think you are doing great!! I kind of hack the weigh in, I do check weekly but it only counts for the month. I do it because my body tends to need time to adjust to losing weight so I might go up or down during the month. Plus the measurements are where I really look for success.

  13. Your progress is amazing; it's giving me hope that I may be able to see some results as well. Were you right on point with your macros during your whole journey? I'm just starting out and am finding it really hard to stay within 5% carbs. I'm curious if you can succeed even if you're a little over that threshold

  14. I love seeing your weekly weigh ins because I've been in a stall as well, and you videos remind me to be patient and remind me that I am no alone! However, I've been considering only doing monthly weigh ins myself. I think that a monthly weigh in vs a weekly, may be mentally healthier. So, I totally support you doing monthly weigh ins! You've done an amazing job!

  15. Something that has worked for me when you see a "stall"…. seriously increase your fat intake….your body might be saying "whoa not going to let go of my survival fat if I can't rely on you to give me enough survival food, we have already lost a lot, I'm getting worried now!"

  16. Great job! Our bodies have evolved to adapt. That includes adapting to restricted calories. Our bodies become more efficient and can do more on less, this leads to plateauing. I've seen it mentioned in earlier comments, but intermittent fasting is very effective. It works really well with a keto or ancestral meal plan. It extends the time that you are in ketosis, the time when you are burning fat. And because you are already "fat adapted" you will probably have an easier time between meal times. When you do eat your restricted calories, you eat it in a smaller time frame and feel full, especially when you eat LCHF. You may even find it a challenge to meet your calorie goal on an IF, as opposed to finding it a challenge to stay under your calorie goal. I made the nanaimo bars you featured – they turned out awesome! Keep up the good work.

  17. It comes off so much slower it seems than we gain…but you are doing all the right things….well done…remember you cannot guarantee success, but you can deserve it….and you do…it will come off. Hang in there.

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