How to lose 30 pounds in 7 days water fast before after pics results


Before and after pics… how I lost 30 pounds in seven days on a water fast. Now I am eating healthy and working out.
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  1. About to do a water fast, Tomorrow is my bday and I need to lose 30lbs. 5/7/2018. Lost Time I ate was at 915pm 5/6/18. Wish me luck. Just got on the scale was 313lbs exactly

  2. Google search says one pound of pure body fat is roughly 4,100 calories, so if hes losing 4 pounds a day, that would mean he was burning 16,400 calories a day? That's like 4 extra large pepperoni pizzas from round table and a 2 liter Pepsi's worth of calories…damn

  3. That is not the size difference of someone who lost 30 pounds. It's worth noting that those digital scales do not maintain their accuracy, they have to be reset frequently. The only way to lose 30 pounds in seven days is by lying or having a scale that fell out of calibration. You have to use a Physician's Mechanical Scale like a Health-O-Meter if truly want to monitor your weight..not a crappy stand-on digital home scale that malfunctions under the stress of your own body weight.

  4. Congratulations!  Hope you are feeling healthily happy with yourself.  Can a female also lose 13 kilos in 7 days?  Is it dangerous?  What food does one eat afterwards?

  5. On Tuesday, August 18,
    I started eating OMAD. I fasted the next day.
    The next two days “one meal a day”. OMAD..
    so August 21, that meal was my last. I ate Avacado, meat and cheese.. I was going to fast the next day but then felt like I could do another day. And now I’m going to push thru to three days by tomorrow. I’m going to do seven days. Point is, as of today and in total, I have lost 15.4 lbs. that’s in 5 days. The heavier u are plays a huge part. I started at 249.2 and am 233.8. And that’s half fasting and half OMAD. When I eat I eat very clean KETO. Unsweetened tea with lemons. Natural diuretic. Loved your post. Hate that people are hating your post. Hope to find more posts. Great job!


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