How Going Vegan Changed My Life – The Truth | Jazzy Tan


If you think this is going to be a typical “How Going Vegan Has Changed My Life” video, think again!

I decided to make this video on my 3rd month update going vegan and narrating the changes since becoming vegan. From this video, you can find out about the going vegan befores and afters and find out what happens when you stop eating meat, dairy and eggs!

Becoming vegan is not an easy feat but the vegan diet is a worthy cause for the sake of the environment and for the sake of our dear furry friends.

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  1. Thanks for watching guys! Please leave in comments if you have any questions, I am firing back replies now. If you want me to make more vegan-related content, please thumbs up the video so I know. Peace xx.

  2. I’ve been vegan for 4 weeks now and I experienced so much headaches and breakdowns due to acne’s , I honestly can’t work out how why I’m getting them because I’m eating plants based food !! Is this a normal problem every vegan has experienced or I’m I doing something wrong!!!

  3. 30 days is not enough. you will feel good when you first start as you are eating nutrient-rich food. wait a few years when the adverse side effects happen. humans are omnivores. not sure why people are trying to go against it.

  4. What you were and most people experience with going vegan is parasite and candida die off symptoms. along with that accompanies the herxheimers reaction. going vegan raises our level of consciousness and vibration thereby opening our chakras. be blessed

  5. I made the mistake of telling about three different people I was transitioning to vegetarian to begin with. Man people just lose their minds ! And automatically start taking the Mickey out of me and harping on about how they can't without meat. So I've decided to just stop telling people.

  6. I turned vegetarian 2 years ago and I had the same issues at the beginning. I was always sick for two or three weeks. I guess it's kinda normal when you stop eating meat from one day to another.

  7. Yes you eat more fiber and go to the bathroom more often. It's a good thing! Imagine how much has almost become rotten until it's leaving the body. having corpses stuck in your intestines is actually not very good. Our intestines are longer than meat eaters. In western society we dont eat enough fiber.

  8. I became a vegan and straight away I felt better. I felt that I was better than everyone else, I am overbearing, sanctimonious, argumentative and a total dick. This is the way you have to be when you are better than everyone else because you no longer eat animal products. You become a legend in your own mind.

  9. I turned vegan 1 year and 3 months ago, And before i was was a vegetarian. I'm 12 years old, and i'm way more happy then before. Egnor the people who are laughing and making fun of you, it will help. I'm so happy you are vegan, good luck! 🙃


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