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Hey, everybody! It’s Thursday and day #5 here on the “Science Based Six Pack” takeover week with me, Thomas DeLauer. As I mentioned, I’ll be covering the right way to break your intermittent fast – avoiding setbacks and making this the most effective and efficient way of achieving six pack abs.

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So, today I’m here to really break down the science of how you break your fast and that by breaking your fast with specific foods and specific nutrients at very specific time intervals is the MOST important thing you need to focus on. Let’s get started:

1:06 – It all comes down to Insulin.
1:19 – Insulin opens the cell so that blood glucose can enter and provide the cell with energy.
2:23 – When insulin opens the cell for glucose, protein and fats are also able to enter.

2:44 – The “Fast Break” Strategy

3:07 – When fasting, your insulin sensitivity increases

Guys… It’s almost time…

Tomorrow, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 27th is the OFFICIAL Launch of Science Based Six Pack. I’m beyond excited to bring this to you all and finally break down the “why” and “how” of intermittent fasting, getting six pack abs, and achieving the body you deserve – all through science!

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  1. The Six Pack Abs You Deserve Achieved In The Fastest, Effective Methods Through Science:

    So many people think that they just don't eat for X amount of time and then when their eating window hits they can eat whatever they want when it comes to intermittent fasting… WRONG! Thomas DeLauer here to show you what you should be doing when you're going to break your fast – the right way.

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    Don't Miss Out On Tomorrow,

  2. You’re videos have done wonders for me. And this one specially on how to break a fast. So far I’ve lost 30 lbs 30 lbs from being 196 to right now 166 lbs. Still have 21 to go to reach my goal… thank you

  3. Say Im doing both a #1 max interval training circuit and a #2 short heavy weight routine, at which part of my fast (20 hours) would you put each routine? As of now I'm doing the cardio/interval training at the end of my fast, followed by weights in the middle of my eat window (8pm – 12am) so at about 10pm.

  4. Have been going through some of your tips and trying to loose some weight, but after giving up smoking and piling 2 stone on (28 lbs) im now at 19.5 stone (273 lbs), i have lost all hope, i have a event in 4 days time and now my suit trousers dont fit, have any tips that could save my life in 4 days? if for once i can start seeing results from a youtube fitness video then you have a supporter for life! PLEASE HELP!

  5. I have a question, some people recommend intermittent fasting 20 hours off 4 hrs eating window, you recommend 16 hours off and 8 hours eating window. What is the difference which is the right way. I am wanting to make a lifestyle change and have watched your videos and others. Like your content as it is honest. Please answer this and I will sign up to your program. Thanks Hamid

  6. I am confused on to break a fast because i am trying to do intermittent fasting for weight loss because in another video he says to break the fast with MCT oil, which contradicts what he says here.

  7. Hi Thomas,

    Can you do a video on what food(s) to eat for breaking an intermittent fast when on a Keto diet? Especially after having an intensive fasted work out in the morning? Would also be helpful to know what vitamins and minerals one should consumer before or after the meal to help optimize the absorption of the nutrients. If you have covered this already, please share the link. Thanks in advance!

  8. I've tried variations of the diet because I am overweight but not an adult so I cut the fasting time a little short, and it works, people have noticed that I've lost weight and my face is less chubby.

  9. How are you supposed to break your fast with low fats if your on the keto "high fat" diet? Basically are feta and salad ideal for breaking the fast or are eggs and bacon fine also?

  10. Good information but I myself have been doing the intermittent fasting for two weeks nothing fancy and I have lost about 5 pounds of body fat little muscle loss.

    Everyone is different though of course my strategy/ food choice may not work for everyone.

    I just make sure I keep doing the weight training even when fasting to help keep my muscle mass


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