Fat Burning Arms Workout (STRONG SLEEK SEXY ARMS!!)


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If you want to learn how to get rid of arm fat, this is the routine for you. It’s only a 5 minute arms workout, but it will help you tone up the arms, burn arm fat (in fact, burn fat throughout the body). Many people want to learn how to lose arm fat, but the truth is that you can tone the arms using an arm workout, but you’ll need to burn overall bodyfat through cardio and nutrition to lose fat anywhere in the body.

On to this total arm workout! The first section is 10 reps of manmakers. Then you’ll move into the HIIT portion of this quick burn arms routine. For the HIIT portion of this sexy arms workout you’ll do the 4 arms exercises for 30 seconds followed by 5 seconds of rest. You’ll do 2 rounds like this for this fat burning arms workout. Then you’ll finish this arm fat blaster with 10 more manmakers. If you are a beginner you can do just one round of the HIIT portion of this lean and toned arms routine. If you are more advanced complete this entire arm workout. For a full length total arm workout check out our complete Athlean-XX for Women program https://athleanx.com/best-workout-program-for-women/getlean

Here are the arms exercises that make up this 5 minute arms routine:

1) Manmakers 10 Reps
HIIT Portion – 8 rounds, 30 seconds work, 5 seconds rest
2) Reptile Pushups
3) Mountain Climbers
4) Shoulder Taps
5) Down Down Up Up
After 8 rounds
6) Manmakers 10 Reps

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  1. Your Workouts Are AWESOME And Challenging !!! Thank You For Helping This Fifty Year Old Woman!!! Please Keep Making Your Videos!!! I Look Forward To The Next Challenge!!!

  2. This was hard! I wasn't sure if I was supposed to do 2 rounds in concession for the timed bit but I did and it was hard!! Finished off with jump rope and it was a good burn 227 calories and up in the anaerobic for 54%. Happy with that. I've been doing some of your Youtube vids to see how I like it before I buy the program.

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