CHUBBY Gut to SHREDDED Cuts | 10 Day Fat Loss Transformation Eating Candy Daily!


▣Chubby Gut to Shredded Cuts! Inside my 10 day fat loss transformation following a typical IIFYM diet plan.

I consumed about 600-800 of my total daily calories from candy and sweets, and still had a shredded physique in only 10 days of dieting.



▣Shredding + Aesthetic Building Supplements:


▣ How is this fat loss transformation possible?

Very Simple:

1. I was on a caloric deficit. This is truly the only thing that matters when burning fat quickly.

2. TDEE – Total daily energy expenditure was off the chain! This means i was burning more calories as I was more active

3. NEAT – Non exercise activity thermogenesis – This means my metabolism was in a heightened state from training my fast twitch muscle fibers!

4. Some would call this a fat loss “mini cut” – where you focus on burning a ton of fat in only 7-10 days. Since the majority of your fat loss happens at the start of your diet, this is a very effective way to shred quickly and lose unwanted body fat.


1. Twinkie Diet helps Harvard professor lose 27 lbs



SHREDDED 7% Body-Fat – 5 Things You Need to Give Up!

How To lose LOWER Belly Fat Fast!







  1. My brother, you know how much I love Twinkies?! Especially the deep-fried ones! I'm going to love this workout already! And your abs are still awesome, Troy! You're always going to be the man!👍👍🙌🙌😀

  2. I STARTED MY LEAN BULK! I'm going to be documenting all the crazy gains i'm making and showing you guys some epic workouts and full day of eating vids. Let's get HUGE together and then in a few months when we start shredding we will be Shredded and Aesthetic Greek Gods. **#BeSuperHuman

  3. The other day, I was on the phone changing auto insurance companies. I mentioned that I was going to work out soon and the guy on the phone named Ryan mentioned a pre workout drink, next thing you know, I'm telling him about your channel. What's up Ryan! I also showed one of your videos to a friend of mine at work. I ordered more Alpha Dreams the other day even though I didn't need more just because it was on sale. Lol.

  4. There must be something wrong with me. I ate 1,400 calories or less a day, (70% protein 25% fats, and 5% carbs- vegetables). ran 12 miles a week on the treadmill, lifted 3 days a week for an hour or more, walked a minimum of 12,000 steps a day for 9 months and I didn’t drop a pound after the first 10 pounds. Never saw more than the outline of the side of the top two abs.

  5. I would bulk with ya but I have belly fat and I hear u should shred first to get rid of the fat before u bulk…. so I'm trying to eat within a caloric deficit and shred doing high intensity workouts and cardio ….. I hate cardio so I Up my sets on big compound movements

  6. 1. I love it when my hero tells me I can have my Oreo's & Reese's. 2. I'm not bad on body fat (13-15%), but I could do so much better if it were possible to workout on an empty stomach (my blood sugar would drop too fast, I've tried). 3. Charge your damn phone, your battery is almost dead.

  7. Well done Bro – totally amazing transformation – with junk food too, well done! – I see your comment that you did NO cardio at all *!!!) – I wonder how many hours a day you did with weights etc on average – 1 hour – 2 hour – 3 hour??? Also the rest of your day – would you describe yourself as pretty active, average active or pretty lazy? – well done again! (sharing to Facebook & Google+)

  8. Bro I'm 245 lbs I'm what you call " fat swole " have great arms but my chest lags, do you think I should start a cut now! So I can be decent for the summer? Or should I lean bulk being already 240 lbs?

  9. I pretty much eat like this on the daily ! Eating clean and Shitty junk food works for me ! I do work my ass off in the gym hardcore ! I guess not one size fits all its Calories in verses Calories out ! Great vlog !

  10. Troy, I love your videos but sometimes you crush me. I feel like I’m making no gains, every food I eat is difficult to track, my metabolism is like a snail. I’ve gained fat since I came to China and then I see you eating twinkies and getting shredded. Why does this not work for me? Okay, getting to the gym is a pain they open at 10am. (That’s right 10!) my gym back in Canada was 24 hour and I was in there by 7! I don’t know, I feel a massive depression coming on. I’ve got three more months here and I want to go back looking like a champ, not a slug.

  11. Your hair looks GREAT! Better than all those hideous baseball caps. Sorry, I am European, most of Europeans hate those caps. We do not understand, why people wear them, even indoors…

  12. please help, my calorie maintenance is around 2000, and i seem to be hitting around 1500 of which my main meal is white rice, and i am having belly fat. Is it because of the carbs? or is something wrong i am doing? (i workout weights 5 days a week, 60 minutes approximately and the rest i sit in a chair and study)

  13. What if my workout regime in the gym is just thrice a week (Mon, Thurs, Sun) and on the other days Tues, Wed, Fri, Sat I do HIIT workouts at home…all this while following a Ketos diet….will this help me get shredded?

  14. can you share the training program you followed to lose that BF in short time? and also, more than BF, how to lose viceral fat (as ratio is almost 4% BF vs 1% VF, sometimes you lose a lot of BF ut VF remains the same.

  15. I like that song at the end, why we loose by cartoon. Also this has been my mentality the whole time. I've been doing it similar to this whenever I cut and to be honest. It's just a more enjoyable way to diet if you do it right, I'd suggest intermittent fasting whilst doing cuts like these 👍

  16. Not that it doesn't make sense, BUT IMHO this is far more beneficial to someone who is genetically bigger. If two guys that are virtually the same in every category, the only difference is size…(I.e. one guy is 6'4 & 185 and the other is 5'8 & 155 both looking to lose 5 lbs in 10 days) The 6'4 guy has a much higher daily choleric (~1,800 cals) intake than the 5'8 guy (~1,550) so the 6'4 guy can afford to eat 4 pieces of chocolate and two cupcakes AND skip on one meal…like I said it makes sense in theory, but more dependent on you genetic size…just my opinion.

  17. The one and only manner in which I’d really know was to take the dive and test it out for myself. So that’s how my weight loss journey began with the three week weight loss plan. The first thing was to acquire the guide, i found it great mainly because I realised I was able to begin with the three week diet immediately. A few mouse clicks and I had it. unnecessary to wait around for shipping or anything, simply just download and use on smart phone, laptop or for tablet. To learn more info look through my summary now

  18. Just a note although acv can aid in digestion it does not aid in insulin regulation for simple carbs. Some studies show a slower insulin response with complex carbs (starches) in particular.


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