Mariah Carey's Weight Loss Surgery


Mariah Carey had weight loss surgery and the feud between Kanye and Jay Z heats up.


  1. Envy? ,Wendy ,you look at your body? Go &get plastc surgery complete mama.body drama, pour husband.jijiji.stop to criticize at Mariah .Mariah looks very beautiful not matter what kind of procedure she use.fantastic.x the Vegas show.keep ahead Mariah.

  2. Wendy you look @your eyes, @face? Your body ? Focking sack of beans.jajaja .before critizaid somebody ,you shuld put your life in order .your husband is tired ,need fresh beef to enjoy!!! Try to fix your life instead of critizaid others peaple.

  3. She needs a mirror in her life tbh
    But I just laugh when I remember the time when she was begging Mimi to attend to her show just cause she canceled right after Wendy suggested that Mimi had boob job


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