Shocking Effects Of A Whole Food Plant Based Vegan Diet


We ask medical doctors at a nutrition conference about some of the side effects of a plant based diet.

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: what do the leading plant-based doctors eat?




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  1. My acne inversa vanished within 3 weeks, my thyroid glands work normal now and I don't have menstruation pain anymore… Who knew it would be so easy to heal ❤️

  2. People are reporting the same health transformations on other diets…keto, paleo, GAPS, Wahls, AIP, etc. Results are just as "shocking". Some of those protocols have lots of animal protein. Lots of "chiropractors who sell supplements" pitching all kinds of crap, Who is right?

  3. I want to know what were these people eating before they went on their plant based diet? If all they ate was trash then they will obviously get better eating a plant based diet, but was it really eliminating meats that made the dramatic turn around? Or was it that these people gave up deep fried foods, fatty meat cuts, sugar and refined carbs? People that make the right food choices, regardless of whether they eat meat or not, will have a healthier life so let's not jump to any conclusions before getting the entire picture. Basically, the jury is still out for me on this one.

  4. So good to hear. Thanks. I keep thinking about goodies I'll indulge in when I reach my goal weight, but I know how the weight can come right back on. Maybe at that weight I'll try different whole foods recipes instead.

  5. AWESOME! Trying to be as Vegan as possible, not always possible, in my city animal prducts everywhere, if I'm out of home and is meal time, probably will eat animal products, but this is starting people will star to realize how good it is and more Vegan places will be open, I'll just try to be at home more often 🙂 We need to be always realistic, and realize how The Universe works, and the magnifying glass that shows us it, is Science, it's not a matter of debate, these are facts, this is how The Universe works, even if you're religious, you should realize that if you believe that your God made The Universe then you should accept how it works

  6. Since I became vegan three years ago, I am able to communicate with animals and they have taught me much.
    They are hoping as vegans that we can accept them as equals so they have access to all the services that we have. Pet food stamps, free veterinarian care, free housing, free access to higher education as well as equal opportunity and equal outcome.
    Rights against discrimination of the spayed and neutered.
    I'm so thankful to channel their thoughts and wishes to you all.
    Eventually they hope that any animal will be able to cross any border so that they may be able to graze peacefully.
    I think as equals they are not asking much. They are tired of being someone else's shoes, belts, handbags,
    They ask one major change for all vegans and vegetarians…that you realize all living things have spirits and feel pain when harmed.
    Chewing slowly on a cucumber will not reduce its pain. The animals said you are killing millions of innocent birds with your wind power generator blades and that They are truly saddened by your insensitivity.
    "Please honor life" they implore you. All life.

  7. 4:555:25 absolute truth! I was vegetarian for about 6 months from January to June of this year. I was a person who had chronic allergies since a child. I would get raccoon eyes, had to see specialists, I would have to lube my eyes at night because they would be swollen and stuck shut in the morning. I would have to get steroid shots while in college and would also sneeze at least 27 times per class. But God, He gave everything we need within everything He has already given us… your food is your medicine. By simply cutting out meat I went through spring without issue, I had little to no problems! God is good, and knowledge is indeed power!

  8. Having adopted this type of diet recently, I think/hope we will start seeing a large shift towards a plant-based diet in people all over the world. The only barrier I see is that people might have a hard time with titles associated with a plant-based diet. They will assume you need to be either a vegetarian or vegan to hold a plant-based diet, which is not at all true. They will assume that when they eat at a friends place that they will need to hand them a list of acceptable foods or a blacklist of foods or show up and say 'I can't eat that'. The reality is, all you need is to have the majority of your diet come from plants. Seldomly eating some meat won't disturb any of the microbiomes you have set up to receive nutrients from your plant-based diet.

    If your goal is only your personal well-being, you don't need to religiously abstain from meat. Vegans and vegetarians usually have other motivations for their food choices and improved health is just a plus. Again, I think that people assuming they have to join one of these groups and live that way exclusively may become a barrier to many who become terrified by the thought of 'i'll never get to eat meat again!'. I hope for humanity that this view will change.

  9. I’m not a vegan or vegetarian. I eat 80% plant based food. I only eat small piece of chicken a day. I’m still not fully convinced in a TOTAL plant based diet. I’m very happy with a very little meat involved.


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