Diabetes Diet Plan Telugu | Food Habits


Dr Janaki Srinath gaaru explains right diet for diabetic patients. A diabetes diet needs to be a healthy-eating plan that’s naturally rich in nutrients and low in fat and calories. Watch the video here…

Dr. Janaki is the Senior Nutrition Consultant at Fernandez Hospital. After her PhD in 1999, she garnered experience in the field of Clinical Nutrition.

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  1. She couldn't give any practical examples in treatment of diabetic patients, how to start with what kind of food items to take, what is the success rate to live medicine free life.
    She is very vague in suggesting any diet plan. Waste of time watching the vedio.
    Mr veramachineni's diet plan working is excellent. Thousands of testimonies
    Simple common sense is sufficient. Should not make things complicated creating unnecessary fear among the public, by any Dr for that matter.
    These professional follow theory not think out of pre set mind..

  2. ramakisna gari diet superb, u all r waste few living only for money n other doctors r good, but ramakrishna is giving diet with the guidence of senior most experienced doctors, we love ramakrishna garu he is only the god for those who got cured, thanq mam for u r suggestion

  3. me muscle Shakti peragataniki ma muscle taggala,first prescription neatga rayadaniki copy writing nerchukondi ,tharvatha social values nerchukondi,telusukondi,gurthinchandi,velaithe nalugu Manchi Natali,kudhirithe social services cheyandi

  4. Today where is good nutrition all are hybrids foods contaminated with pesticides GMO chemicals genetically engineered modified foods developed by pharma companies scientists to get diseases can earn billions of rupees through toxic hybrid foods & medicines doctors conspiracy behind diseases prescribing toxic medicines that have lot of side effects can all doctors dieticians nutritionist cultivate organic crops or they only explanation on TV to be fame

  5. Whats your point ?? We have new inner engineering doctor called Veeramachineni Rama Krishna….we don't need some.of the false prescription doctors bull shit anymore

  6. ఇంక ఎంత మందిని చంపుతారమ్మా చాలు ఇక ఆపండి మి ఎదవ సొది .దెవుడొచ్చాడు ఎమ్చెస్తారు ఇంక


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