Carnivore Diet – 1 Week Update


My first week on the Carnivore diet has been…. Not super successful 😂

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  1. Hi Sam, did you know that you can cook ground meet without any butter or other stuff, just ground meet straight in your frying pan with salt, pepper and spices, don't make patties just put it into tiny pieces while cooking it, you can drain the excess fat while cooking if it's not extra lean meet.. way better for your health

  2. Symptoms of a whole foods, plant based diet

    1.) Feel awesome
    2.) Save money on groceries
    3.) More energy
    4.) Poop more
    5.) Clear skin
    6.) Reduce allergies

    Shall I go on? I urge you to consider trying the same approach you’re taking with the carnivore diet, with a vegan diet. I promise there won’t be any late night barfing sessions. Just give it a month and see what you think. Your body will thank you and so will the planet

  3. Cool meat footage……. watch the cravings….. you don't want to be found passed out in a Dunkin Doughnuts parking lot covered in powdered sugar with an empty 5 gallon ice cream container on your head……. good luck…

  4. when fat, whether rendured or not. when cut out it is no longer is a ketogenic diet. The keto diet is a higher % of fat than protein, but I guess if it just carnivore than fat and protein are pretty close to equal. I have been keto almost 3 years.

  5. if you want to get all the nutrients from animals, you need to eat the hole animal or the most nutrient dense parts of animals,(liver, kidney, brain, bone marrow, and so on). bone marrow is my favored food, its the best tasting part of an animal so maybe start with this. eat fish if you cant eat brain. cook your beef as rear as possible, the best way to eat it is raw as it will have the most nutrients and will digest the easiest. i have been eating only raw animal foods for the last 8 months and feel the best i have felt in my life, a real gift to have found this diet but its really just finding nature. read the book we want to live and have fun

  6. Ohhhh Sam…I don't know about this all-meat diet. No fiber? I feel for your colon, dude.

    Wait, that came out wrong. I don't literally feel for it (yuck!), but…well, you know what I mean. I hope it all comes out well in the end. But I don't know… I'd much prefer the all-donut diet. Doesn't that sound better? Endorsed by policemen all over the world!

  7. Quick opinion- though I’m sure you don’t need it lol, I think any diet that requires exclusivity is dangerous to your health. Your body, mind etc requires multiple things to function at its peak. I personally feel that maintaining a balance is best. Whether it’s vegetarian, carnivore, vegan, zero sugar, zero carbohydrates….. they all lack something or things that make things unhealthy. All the best to you.


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