Raw Vegan For A Month – Day 1


Have you ever thought about going raw and becoming a raw Vegan? I have and so I thought I’d take on going raw for a month to see what happened and what kind of results I would get after being raw vegan for 30 days. I was a concern for me since I’d be a raw vegan CrossFitter which is unheard of but I like to do the unheard of. So this will be interesting taking on raw vegan fitness training for 30 days. In this series you can see my raw vegan fitness training and my raw vegan what I eat in a day for 30 days as a raw vegan CrossFitter. Initially I wanted to do raw vegan till 4 for a month just to make it a little easier but I’m not sure being raw vegan till 4 for 30 days will give me the best results. So some days I will do raw vegan till 4 but I think most days I won’t eat cooked food after 4. So here it is, my raw vegan 30 day challenge.

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