Dr. Oz's Pegan 365 Diet: Paleo + Vegan = An 800-Calorie Starvation Diet?!


Dr. Oz just released Pegan 365, a combination of “the best aspects of the paleo and vegan diets”. It’d be really great if celebrities and celebrity doctors would stop associating veganism with crash dieting.

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Vegan Nutrition Guide (theveganrd)

Calcium Primer (theveganrd)

Calcium: A Vegan Nutrition Primer

Protein Primer (theveganrd)

Plant Protein: A Vegan Nutrition Primer

Daily Recommendations (veganhealth)

Vitamin B12: Are You Getting It?

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  1. FYI from what I have seen most dietiscians and nutritionists in the main stream follow the guidelines advised by the FDA. Indeed their studies embrace the FDA recommendations. Do you believe hat the FDA is a reliable source for information on what we should eat? Do you think they give their recommendations free from influence form special interests? Do you believe that the current methods of factory farming – the rearing of animals for consumo is ultimately sustainable for the planet?

  2. Your so funny. I enjoy your videos where I can see the chair in the background but I just like the chair lol. I have to say though my vote doesn't count because I'm an omnivore but I love your channel and I am learning so much. Keep up the good work! ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ‘

  3. OH you're one of THOSE unhealthy ill-informed "vegans" who eats all crap non-food foods. "Vegan sausage" "Vegan Cheese" , super high deadly added sodium, added sugars, and OILS, white potatoes, rice and other mess. 5 cups of vegetables is NOTHING. I eat two pounds of greens and non starch vegetables per day following the Nutritarian Eat to Live way of life by the esteemed Dr. Joel Fuhrman. . PROTIP: If you eat [only] just 1000 calories of greens, beans, nuts/ seeds and fruit, you are eating more nutrition than one of the vegan crap food eaters or SAD eaters chowing down 2000 calories that will kill you. (backbuttoned at "that's alot of vegetables" 3:05. And you will also reverse your diseases. Facepalm. While being compassionate how about putting some thought into what may actually WORK for health so all the liberals stop trying to force the country to pay for their soda, junk food, and diabetic/heart disease lifestyle. Look around you in the grocery store – ALMOST NO HEALTHY FOOD IN ANYONE's CART and 90% of the shoppers are obese. My BMI is 19, and bloodwork perfect with no inflammation, TYVM. My typical calorie count is 800 – 1000. Thin HEALTHY people live longer, don't get Alzheimer's and suffer in nursing homes with strokes for decades.And yes, Dr. Fuhrman has been on Dr. Oz, too and he KNOWS BETTER.

  4. Quick question, if you don't seem to digest supplemented B12 very well and your body very much dislikes infusions, what's the best way to incorporate it into my diet? I'm extremely restricted due to major medical issues and tend to stick to the same foods (yeah, I know)

  5. Dr. Oz loves starving people (and selling them on expensive and ineffective supplements), because if they are successful with and able to maintain whatever diet he's recommended, why would they need to keep paying attention to him and try the next impossible diet he'll be promoting?

  6. As someone who has done 1 year on paleo. This sounds pretty silly ๐Ÿ˜‚ it is just a stepping stone into full veganism which is better for health. Also the paleolithic man had no access to hybrid vegetables and cooked eggs lol.

  7. The obsession with losing weight in the cultural landscape makes me uncomfortable. I lost a lot of weight in my freshman year of college. I often forgot to eat and I didn't have as many food options as I did at home. I was consistently around the 120 range the months before I went to college, but then I plummeted to 105 by early March- less than I weighed as a middle schooler! I'm back in the 110s now, still trying to gain weight on a (mostly) vegan diet. I don't feel good about myself being this thin and it's surreal that people aim to achieve what I did accidentally.

  8. You say dairy products can be healthier than vanilla almond milk because it has more nutrients, but i don't think dairy is healthy despite it being an easy source of calcium and other nutrients. Healthy foods all around good for you and from a nutritional standpoint but, dairy is filled with unneeded hormones even if there are no additives and has been known to cause osteroperosis due to its high acidity. I'm not shading your hating on you as I love your videos, just wanted to put that out there.


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