After the success of my first 3 Day Challenge, Here’s my “ALL VEGETARIAN-3 DAY CHALLENGE” for all you “Blush With Me” believers and followers. Watch me shed pounds and kilos in just 3 days and get a flatter stomach. Leading a healthy lifestyle is not about dieting and starving at all and nor is it about spending hours at the gym. i wish i could make nutritious choices or stick to my eating or sleeping hours on a daily basis but its sad that we can’t keep track of doing everything right. Even 21 days challenge was tough for me. This is how i came up with this “3 Day Challenge” concept. i like to workout but clearly thats not enough. This challenge is about making time for yourself to see a better you. Small or big, you will see the results.
Celebrate whatever body you have. but never give up on improving it!
Get ready to look slimmer, sexier and more confident.

Do share your body or weight results with me in comment section or on my instagram accounts.

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my previous 3 day challenge video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pENS4-FJ058

If you saw my last 3 Day Challenge then you follow the similar meditation or positive self affirmation, first thing in the morning.

Food and daily routine recommendations
-eat Organic and seasonal fruits and veggies only. They are not just healthier but also economical than non seasonal fruits and veggies.
-Timely eating- make sure to eat all 3 meals and 2 snacks exactly at the same time everyday. Decide your schedule before you start and stick to it.
-Sleep 7 hours a day
-Plan and buy everything for these 3 Days in advance. You can follow what I’m eating or something similar. Like, if you can’t make edamame beans, use sprouts, instead of quinoa, use brown rice
-Drink warm water after every meal.
-12glasses of water a day is a must.
-Cut down on salt where ever possible(like nuts, corn, etc tastes pretty good even unsalted.)
-the timing of your meals. This is the most important step.
replace oil with clarified butter or ghee.
. Following are my three days meal plans three breakfast three lunches and dinners with two snacks between every meals.

Weigh yourself on day one early morning empty stomach and again on day 4 morning.

First thing in the morning I have is, boiled Ajwain 1/2 tsp (caraway seeds)and Methi seeds, 2 pinches, that I soaked in water from the previous night. As an alternate option, You can have Apple cider Vinegar (see my old 3 day challenge for quantity reference)

Diet: A good workout, followed by a good protein and nutrition rich meal, is the key.

3 Breakfasts-
1.)bowl of edamame beans roasted with salt and pepper
2.)Peanut butter on apple slices
3.) oats with fruits and dates or fruits+chia seeds+nuts smoothie.

Mid day snack-
1.) 1-2 mini cucumbers with 6-8 nuts, 2.)roasted paneer cubes or tofu with salt and chili flakes
3.) olives or 3 cheese cubes or a bowl of yoghurt.
1.)sweet potato with salt, pepper as lemon (pre boil and refrigerate)
2.)Roasted corn n green peas or any salad with a dressing of lime (no fancy store bought dessings)
3.) broccoli paratha. Option2- roasted broccoli chopped fine rolled with hummus in multigrain or wheat pita bread. Option- wheat pita bread rolled with previous day’s leftover peanut chutney.

Evening snack: any of these options- fruit/handful raisins/ 2-4 dates/ 2-4prunes or 2-3 crackers with 1/2 cup tea or coffee

1.) Quinoa upma
2.) 1/4th the rice you eat with a bowl full of dal (any legume or lentil) and eat extra dal as a soup instead of adding extra rice.
3.)tomato chutney in yoghurt accompanied with boiled multigrain seeds and couscous. Option 2- Couscous or brown rice pasta with homemade pesto

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