I Had To EARN My Fancy Vegan Dinner! Full Day Of Eating + Fat Loss Workout


Please watch: “Which YouTuber Did I Beast In The Gym?”
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qdjs9Sv4DWw –~–
Diet secrets! Join me for a full day of eating on a vegan bodybuilding cut! Including “singing for my supper” at a 5 course vegan dinner at the awesome St.Andrew’s Brewhouse in Norwich where I managed to twist someone’s arm to try vegan eating for two weeks! Plus whole body push workout.

Simnett Nutrition: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpyhJZhJQWKDdJCR07jPY-Q
NORWICH Guide: http://www.shhhh.co.uk/shop/shhhh-guide-to-norwich-2018

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  1. Do you sell the animal sticker as well?
    I love yams with tahini or mixed herbs and salad.
    Yes, I found your channel through Derek.
    Nice I love oats in the morning, I have to try it was raisins that look amazing and the celery. Amazing speech.

  2. Always great videos man! Very positive and informative. You've really helped to inspire me to eat a lot more whole foods with very little oil, processed sugar and alcohol and i'm feeling great. Currently, i'm training for hypertrophy (learning the lingo! πŸ˜€ and i'm gaining weight at about 1lb a week so nice, lean progress. Also, i've just enrolled on a personal trainer course and you've definitely contributed to that…i may need to pick your brain at some point ;-P

  3. We'll done. You've convinced another person to give this WFPB lifestyle a shot through your activism. I love that you bust the myth that vegans are skinny, pale and sickly with your body builder's physique. Your kindness helps seal the deal! The food looked delish!


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